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Dodgers: Corey Seager Revealed He’s Recruiting Clayton Kershaw to Texas

It’s a sad day whenever a player, especially a very talented one, leaves the team that drafted and developed him. Los Angeles has been his home for the past 7 years, and while it will always be his home, it won’t be where he will spend his future. Instead, Seager will be taking his talent to Texas with former 3rd base coach Chris Woodward. 

However, that may not be the only connection back to the Dodgers that he may have in Texas as the Rangers are very interested in free agent Clayton Kershaw. According to WFAA’s Jonah Javad, Seager has already been at work trying to recruit his old teammate to go home. 

While losing Seager was a big blow to the Dodgers, saying goodbye to Clayton Kershaw, a sure-fire Hall of Famer and franchise legend, would crush the fanbase. Kershaw means so much to the organization so it won’t be easy for the Rangers to steal him away. They’ve made it known how much they want him back.

The elbow injury that he suffered at the end of the season complicates things. Los Angeles wants to keep him but how much will they be willing to spend? The Rangers need pitching if they hope to contend in the future and having someone like Kershaw to help mentor the staff would go a long way in their development. 

Essentially the decision comes down to what Kershaw wants. Does he want to finish his career as a Dodger, go home to Texas, or call it a career? The answer to that will have to wait until the lockout is lifted and teams can contact players once again. 

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  1. If Kershaw is looking for past performance money the Rangers can have him. The fact that Kershaw is a 1st ballot HoF’er and has had a legacy career with the Dodgers is of no matter when it comes to his contract, and what he can and cannot give to a team. If Kershaw believes he’s as good as ever, I’d rather let the Rangers find that out for the overpriced ticket for the show.

  2. You know, that would be underhanded to me. I know that both are free agents; but Clayton is a Dodger icon. He should let him make his own decision. It seems to me that Friedman has the checkbook open and waiting. The lockout puts a hold on that. Clayton has his family, his health, and his status in Dodger history riding on this particular free agency. Clayton needs to make his OWN decision from his OWN heart…

    1. …he is a grown man…Seager will not make the decision…they are friends…why wouldn’t he recruit him

  3. Once lockdown mode is over, he WILL go home to Texas. It makes the most sense for him and his family. He can help take care of his wife and kids more often.

    1. This reasoning makes absolutely zero sense as usual from you. Kershaw bought a new house in Studio City 6 years ago and lives there.

        1. As a resident of Sherman Oaks, I know Studio City well; it’s quite a nice community, family friendly and safe.

      1. Yes, I’ve seen him out with his family on Ventura Blvd. He looks very at home… this day, owning a house for 6 years can disappear in a moment. It all comes down to his family.

  4. I’m torn. I’m a life long Dodger fan who recently moved from SoCal to 45 mins from Globe Life Park. I want Kershaw to retire as a Dodger, but I won’t hate seeing him and Seager when I go to games. Those two, plus the other 5 or so former Dodgers on the Rangers roster may help me get over my home(team) sickness.

    1. I guarantee you it won’t be the same when the Rangers are in the bottom half of the division still for a few years to come.

  5. Unlike Corey, Clayton is the face of the Dodgers and is concerned about his legacy. He won’t go to Texas for more money; he’ll go only because that’s what is best for his family. I am hoping he gets a heavy incentive laden contract, hoping he can pitch again

    1. His wife wants to be in Texas…he is gone most likely…DOC micromanages pitchers…he will probably leave…

        1. Bleacher report feb.10..2021..article she practically says it…about the kids school year…it’s hard on the family to be together…these players have families…desire to live in certain parts of the country…Arlington/Dallas are nice areas…if he leaves like Seager…I wish them.both well

  6. this would be perfect, the rangers paying something like 60m a year for a hitter who has had one good playoff run and a pitcher who has also had only one decent playoff run. Oh wait, the rangers have about zero chance to make the playoffs, so makes perfect sense.

  7. Corey Seager is many years from ever seeing the playoffs again, much like how Machado is with a worthless team in San Diego. At least he got his money, and will laugh all the way to the bank when his massive overpaid contract hits the Rangers in the free agent/luxury tax warning threshold and he goes the way of ARod and gets traded out.

  8. Seager F off you’re not that special. Average defender with 2 healthy seasons under your belt and yeah 2020 doesn’t count as a 3rd, we all know you would’ve gotten injured at some point

  9. Right on.. Let the traitors be traitors for the love of money which is so sad. A true Blue Dodger would stay a True Blue Dodger because you will never be able to spend all the money you aren’t worth. See you.

  10. Clayton actually should stay in LA.Friedman has openly said the choice is his to make as for what Clayton feels is the all around best for him.The money to stay in LA isn’t the question…it’s more of Claytons health and contract years to be intelligently thought out on both sides. ALL of this being said as any other team may put it as it we’re Personally I feel he is in LA to the end.

  11. Let’s be realistic. Ball players have changed their outlook on the game. It’s big business for them and the owners. The current lockdown shows that. CK has a mind of his own regarding his future. #22 will never be like #32. Generations apart. Give me Ebbets Field and the Coliseum.

    To Clayton, thanks for your years of outstanding pitching and leadership, may you make the wisest decision when the time comes.

  12. I love Curtain Klayshaw, but he is past his peak and on the downside of his career. I’d rather have the cash to spend on a younger arm, especially knowing he’d be happy in TX.

    1. You are 100% right. The prime CK is no longer here. He’s not the elite pitcher he once was, however he does provide some great leadership value to the younger pitchers, as well as being the face of the franchise. But how much is all that worth to the Dodgers? The starting rotation needs some serious help, so it will be interesting to see what happens.

      1. I understand the leadership aspect, but if that leadership cannot produce to a level higher than those being mentored then that leadership value declines with every bad start witnessed. Leadership by an active player cannot just be words, that leadership has to have some ‘show you’ to back it up. His injury concerns diminish that ‘show you’ aspect with he isn’t healthy enough, and that is why the money needs to be incentive heavy to justify retaining him. Kershaw needs to understand this most to fulfill his Dodger legacy if wishes to, but the Rangers may bring out in Kershaw what many here fear or deny what he may be.

  13. A/F knows what Kersh means to the fan base. While being respectful, he won’t let Kersh go without a fight.

    1. Really…he let him hit free agency without a offer…Bauer gets paid…Mookie gets paid…at crazy levels…but the Dodgers came with a decent offer at the end got Seager…..they should have went after him like they did Bauer and Mookie…then they bring in Turner…well now they have him…funny how loyalty works…Seager is good as a Dodger…but a bum…when he leaves and he shouldn’t recruit his friend Kershaw…haha

  14. Be careful what a lot of you wish for. The Dodgers in their usual infinite wisdom also felt Hershiser was way past his prime. So they let him go to cleveland where he led the Indians to the World Series and Post season annualy. He just needs to call Bonds and rub some creme on his knees…

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