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Dodgers Could Be Headed Towards the Wrong Side of History Without a Division Win

There is a very good chance that the Dodgers could win over 100 games and still not win their division. It doesn’t happen too often in Major League Baseball, but it has happened 10 times in the history of the sport. 

The Dodgers are currently on pace to possibly win over 103 games. If things go as well as many around Los Angeles expect, they could eclipse the 105 win mark. They would have to go 11-4 over their final 15 games in order to make that happen. 

But if the Giants also continue or exceed their win pace, they could also reach that 105 game-win mark. San Francisco would need to go 10-5 over their last 15 games to make that happen. And that could put them and the Dodgers in a really odd spot. 

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Never before in the history of the sport has a team won 105 games and not won their division. The Dodgers and Giants are both in danger of that happening. Los Angeles has a slightly easier schedule, but the Giants have refused to lose and are 38-19 in the second half. 

For their part, the Dodgers have more than kept pace. They have gone 38-18 in the second half and managed to get within a game in the West entering play on Friday. It’s going to be a very tight race over the final 15 games, and neither team wants their name in that part of the history books. 

Get ready for a fight. 

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  1. As someone who has lived book ended by the recent 32-year drought and my mother’s memories of the failures of Dem Bums in the 40s and 50s, it is safe to say that I don’t think “history” has every been particularly kind to the Dodgers, at least in the postseason.

    1. And if they tie the Giants, they might have to play 2 additional games before the privilege of playing Milwaukee. And if they somehow get past the Brewers, they’d have to face the Giants in the NLCS, most likely on the road. A ring seems unlikely after all that.

  2. Brook,

    First, tell us something we lifelong Dodger fans Don’t know.

    Second, why not write about the stupidity and injustice of MLB’s current wild card one game elimination format?

  3. “why not write about the stupidity and injustice of MLB’s current wild card one game elimination format?”

    That would be dangerously close to journalism.

  4. Or better yet, write about how Roberts for 2 months has started Mckinnley-Bellinger-Mckinstry-Souza etc etc etc over Matt Beaty……Getting ZERO production from the 6-7-8 spots was absolutely feeble decisions. Has current history reminded anyone that better options were available? Because IF they don’t use their better options A.S.A.P., then yes they will be on the wrong side of it….

  5. Sorry but Buhler is getting tired this game vs reds was supposed to be easy but he got hit for 3 runs now hopefully giants loose. When we were tied with giants in sf Buhler got rocked too for 6 runs he’s looking tired. And dodger hitters should be ashamed to not score runs vs this team,

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