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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Not Concerned About Huge Roster Turnover

It’s hard enough to not win any free agency bids. It’s even harder when you’re losing your own players.

The Dodgers are coming off a 111 win season with their star-studded cast of All-MLB players, All-Stars and former MVPs. Heading into the 2023 season, the Dodgers will be down Trea Turner, Tyler Anderson, Cody Bellinger and Andrew Heaney.

There are still uncertainties like Justin Turner, but it’s not looking good for the franchise setting wins team. How are the Dodgers going to adjust?

In most cases, this may cause some concern, but the Dodgers are still home to some of their top talents in Mookie Betts, Julio Urias and Freddie Freeman. There’s plenty of reason to believe the Dodgers can be a viable playoff team with Dave Roberts not believing there should be any cause for concern.

“We’ve got a lot of talent coming on the position player side, on the pitching side. And I think a little bit — things are going to look a little different. But a lot of it still is going to be the same.”

With no signs of any huge signings, some other guys on the roster will have to step up.

“Also, I just believe and Andrew and I and the organization believe there’s some young players that need a little room, some runway, some opportunities. And they’re going to have that. At some point in time this season on both position player and the pitching side. So I think that’s a good thing for us.”

Roberts reiterated the team doesn’t stop building a championship roster, but the team they have right now is capable of winning games. While fans wait to see the organization’s next move the rest of the league remains in a frenzy with free agent hopefuls.

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  1. When the Dodgers “If ever awaken from the Affirmative action” ideals, and decide to get a actual baseball strategist to manage is when they will win. Until then, enjoy the show folks.

  2. The team was nowhere near good enough to win a world series last season as per the usual choke job. Now the team is further weakened by losing Trea Turner & Tyler Anderson but we are going to have more rookies on the roster. That does not sound like a recipe for success. San Diego has improved its roster and we have gone the other direction. Just saying.

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