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Dodgers: David Price Nearing Return, Not Expected to Join Starting Rotation

The Dodgers are coming off of one of their worst road trips in recent memory, but they received some encouraging updates on one of their ailing players before their homestand kicked off on Tuesday night.

Prior to their series opener against the Seattle Mariners, David Price was seen throwing a bullpen session as he continues to recover from a hamstring strain suffered back in April.

Seeing Price throw off of a mound is encouraging, especially with the lack of updates on his progress prior to today. The biggest question with his recovery, however, is whether the team will use him as a starter or put him back in the bullpen.

When asked if Price would return to the long reliever role once activated, Dave Roberts all but confirmed that this would be the case.

Yeah, that’s the role. And the nice thing about that is the buildup won’t take as long. So, to get him to go up and down is probably the ceiling right now for him.

As Roberts mentioned, the timeline for Price to return is shortened since there is no need to stretch him out as a starter. In fact, he could skip a rehab assignment altogether if he is feeling well enough.

I actually would be surprised if he chooses to go out on assignment. It hasn’t been that long in our opinion, but David being the veteran that he is, we’ll let him kind of make that call. Our hope is [for him] to go out and face hitters, whether it’s once or twice, and be activated.

Despite their thrilling come from behind win last night, this team is still in dire need of reinforcements. Getting David Price back will be a step in the right direction, and the hope is that there can be some stability in what has been a lackluster bullpen to this point.

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  1. Interesting. His results have been somewhat mixed in relief and the Dodgers clearly need some starter innings, but they seem to have decided that he’s not that guy anymore.

    1. sure seems like it. a minor hamstring issue pops up throwing relief? No way he can start and go 6 innings every 5th day. Hopefully he can still bring it in relief

  2. The problem is that he still IS that guy. For a guy used to pitching 200 ish innings and being the head of the rotation, he needs to go out there and get reps. Robert’s used him something like 6 innings in 8 weeks or something.

    His injury was to his wrist in Boston and the last two years he pitched there he could barely feel the ball in his hand.

    This guy could win 17 games for the Dodgers this year. He’s just too nice and Roberts has no idea how to properly use him. David will never say anything either because he’s such a team player. All he cares about is his team, winning and how he can help.

    When he went on the and May went out that was the sign from God what to do. If they stretch him out as a reliever with the intention of getting him into that rotation then fine but he needs to get out there almost everyday for awhile to get his timing back.

    If he’s in their rotation they will win the World Series again. If he isn’t then I’m not sure about it.

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