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Dodgers Interest In Key Free Agent Reliever Confirmed By Baseball Writer

If you lose Gerritt Cole to the Yankees, then you should take a Yankees player away, right? Obviously, it wouldn’t be quite that way. However, the Los Angeles Dodgers are interested in a former Yankees reliever who is now a free agent.

Weeks ago we pointed out the idea raised by Joel Sherman on MLB Network for the Dodgers to take a low-risk flyer deal on Dellin Betances. Now, Jorge Castillo of the LA Times says the Dodgers have an interest in signing Betances.

While Castillo draws the comparison to another pitcher the Dodgers have reported interest in with Blake Treinen, Betances makes sense for the same reasons. First we pointed out why Treinen makes sense for Los Angeles. Moving forward, if the Dodgers’ scouting and medical department can confirm that Betances is sound from those standpoints; Los Angeles could hit a home run with this relief signing.

Definitely be sure to check out Betances’ career stats. Also, recall when doing so that Andrew Friedman said he would like to acquire a reliever who could help out Kenley Jansen with the closer’s role. Equally important, Betances has 36 career saves and 84 games finished.

Now that some of the huge dominos have fallen, the Dodgers turn back towards what they have said is their major need from the outset of the off-season; the bullpen.

Taking a step in the direction of Betances – or Treinen for that matter – is a huge step towards improving the club on the field. And Betances is there for the taking without the requirement of an eight or nine year commitment like some other pitchers.

That should sound refreshing to some.

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  1. Still like for us to sign ONE starter; but with relief pitching it is more of a need than a want. We need to get one strong late inning arm. Betances could fit the bill.

    1. We need 2 bullpen arms. We got Treinen now it’s time for Betances. There’s no starters left that will put us over the top they missed on that

  2. Go Get Bum and resign Ryu………Put Kershaw in the bullpen……Not reliable anymore……..

  3. Three lines – add. + Three more lines – tweet. + Five lines -add, then- video player. Seven lines- lots of adds and promos. Very unpleasant read.

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