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Dodgers: Joc Pederson’s Tribute to Clayton Kershaw With New Jersey Number

Dodgers fans are always going to pay attention to whatever Joc Pederson is up to. Despite him choosing to go to the Cubs in free agency, fans out in Los Angeles continue to love and support him from a distance. 

So when Joc got traded to the Braves this week, Dodgers fans took notice. They really noticed when Joc showed up to the field wearing number 22 on the back of his jersey. Joc wore 31 in Los Angeles and 24 in Chicago to honor Ken Griffey Jr. 

When Joc explained to the media this week why he chose 22 with the Braves, Dodgers fans were all sorts of emotional. It turns out that it was a nod or tribute to both Jason Heyward and Clayton Kershaw. 

I’m rocking 22 for J-Hey and then for my guy Kersh. J-Hey did it here for a long time wearing that number and Kersh is a great friend. I guess 22 on every team I’ve been on has been legendary. So I’m proud to wear 22. 

Joc had a very long and successful career with the Dodger before heading out in free agency. His success in the postseason is what really set him apart in Los Angeles though. Pederson came up with so many clutch hits in bug moments in October, playing in 64 different postseason games. 

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All of those seasons were spent playing alongside Clayton Kershaw. Joc may not be with the Dodgers anymore, but he’ll always be loved in Los Angeles. 

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