Dodgers: Julio Urias’ Up and Down First Half and Innings Limit Concerns Ahead

Dodgers starter Julio Urias has more double-digit strikeout games this year than Clayton Kershaw and Walker Buehler. Urias also is the only starter to have two games with six earned runs.

Both of those stats highlight how up and down Urias has been this season for the Dodgers.

To be equitable, Urias is 24 and has started in just 54 games in his young career. It only seems like ages ago, since he debuted with the Dodgers at 19 years old.

Julio Urias, the Most ‘Hot and Cold’ Starter for LA in 2021


When Urias is pitching up to his potential, he looks like one of the best starters in the league. He’s spun gems this year in Milwaukee and Seattle (21 K and 1 ER in 14 IP). Julio has also melted down in starts against the Angels, Padres, and Giants (14 K and 17 ER in 14 IP).

Understandably, Urias is still finding his footing as a full-time starter. One night, he’s mowing down the NL Central leading Brewers. The very next start, he coughing up five earned to the Orange County Angels.

Urias Approaching Innings Limit?

During spring training, manager Dave Roberts stated that letting Urias throw 200 innings or make 30 starts would be “reckless”. So far, Julio has logged 93.1 IP and 16 starts – both career highs. There are 82 games left in the season.

History shows that the Dodgers front office consistently takes the long view with Urias. The Dodgers patiently waited for him to recover from shoulder surgery and a hamstring injury that sidelined him for much of 2017 and all of 2018. This is would be a very questionable time to deviate from that pattern of behavior.

Andrew Friedman isn’t bashful at the trade deadline. Urias’s workload could be a strong factor in the Dodgers acquiring another starter. Especially considering the Dodgers reservations about installing veteran David Price as a starter.

As Julio’s innings pitched surge into triple digits, the Dodgers will once need to be mindful of the future.

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Eric Eulau

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  1. I think Julio will be fine since he’s now
    a different pitcher (reportiore-wise) than
    last seen in ’19 by alot of the clubs lying
    ahead in the next few months. By Sept.
    when he’ll be be full bore against the West,
    mgmt. would be lookin’ to limit his innings
    anyway leading up to the postseason.

  2. I don’t know about getting another starter. Gonsolin seems to be firming up, and innings certainly aren’t a problem for him, although he has to be carefully eased back until his own health is certain. I don’t know why DR is so reluctant to start Price or Nelson to give the rotation a break. But if AF wants to pick up a front line starter, I’m not going to argue. On another point Kelley pitched 1.1 solid innings in game 2 against the Giants. He was hitting 100 mph with his fastball, and nailing his spots with every pitch he threw. It was easily his best outing since coming to the Dodgers. I hope we’ll see more of this in the second half of the season.

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