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Dodgers: Market Coming Together for Chris Taylor in Free Agency

With Max Scherzer leaving Los Angeles for the New York Mets on a massive three-year, $130 million-plus deal, the Dodgers have officially struck out on their first free agent of the offseason. According to multiple reports, LA may have actually finished in a distant third place behind the Mets and Angels in the Scherzer sweepstakes.

Now set to move on, the offseason shifts its focus to Corey Seager, who is expected to sign a deal somewhere as soon as Monday evening. But another big name is starting to heat up the hot stove.

Chris Taylor’s name has popped up more in recent days. And early on Monday morning, MLB insider Jon Heyman reported that the Phillies, Nationals, and Miami Marlins are interested in the utility man.

This doesn’t necessarily preclude the Dodgers from having interest in retaining the 2021 All-Star, but its certainly not something fans want to see after losing Scherzer. Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic says that Taylor is “expected to command a four- or five-year deal” this winter and that the Mariners — the team that drafted the 31-year-old — is also in play for his services.

CT3 has often been looked at as a must re-sign for the Dodgers. Former LA star Andre Ethier said as much earlier this month as well. Last season after losing another utility star — Enrique Hernandez — via free agency, the Dodgers struggled to replace that production off the bench. While the team still piecemealed a bench together and recorded 106 wins, the loss of Taylor would be devastating to the roster.

Particularly if Corey Seager also leaves via free agency.

Marcus Semien Signing With Texas Rangers, How it Impacts Dodgers Pursuit of Seager/Kershaw

With the collective bargaining agreement set to expire at 11:59 PM ET on Wednesday, we could see Taylor’s market seriously heat up over the next 48 hours.

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  1. Describing the loss of Taylor as devastating is over the top. He’s a strong contributing player but let’s keep it real.

      1. You guys don’t get it. I would doubt that he has any illusions of being a Hall of Famer. It’s what he brings to the table and what he can do on a team concept, CT3 can play and does play above average at 7 positions. Losing a player of his ability is a huge loss and there are few players in either league combined that can play to his abilities on a daily basis. Take him out of the Dodgers dugout and then any of you who support DR will very quickly see just how valuable he is to this team.

  2. CT3 is a must sign. If not, we are screwed and won’t make the postseason next year. And Roberts will be fired or will not return as manager after next season.

      1. With the way things are going, I wouldn’t be surprised if he signed elsewhere. I still hope that he comes back.

  3. I’m okay with Scherzer leaving.At his age,it’s just a matter of time before a serious injury happens and then pay a massive contract.Focus on bringing back Taylor.He’s part of the backbone and deserves a good contract!

  4. Scherzer may be worth $35 million this year, but not for 3 years. Seager is a part-time player and is also not worth $32.5 million annually. So, while each would improve the team this year, it would have been irresponsible for LA to sign either one of them. CT3 is a great player and he should be signed to a 5+ year contract. He’s a good (not great) hitter and a great fielder at multiple positions. LA could sign a better infielder or outfielder, but he is the glue that holds the team together on the field–their insurance policy. Plus, you really do not want him going anywhere else.

    1. Agreed on all counts.

      But even with CT3, it’ll boil down to…$$$$. The FO has been really good at stacking the deck for DR.

      Lets see how they do this off season.

  5. We need Taylor more than we needed Seager. We already have a better defensive and offensive shortstop. We need Taylor!

  6. What? Scherzer went to the Mets?
    ???? What a loser!
    Scherzer’s health is going to be a big issue and the Mets aren’t going anywhere.

    To me, CT3 is most critical to keep.
    Losing him would be like losing Kiké. I most hated losing him last year and look how that turned out.

  7. Hello fellow Dodger faithful. I’ve been busy with my new position with a Silicon Valley startup. I’ve missed quite a bit here it seems. I knew Seager was gone long ago, just thought it was going to be to the Yankees and not the Rangers. I guess Texas is going all in on 2022. I see they also signed Marcus Semien. Are they going after Kersh too? I have no idea what is going on. I see Scherzer got signed with the Mets, $130m? Really? For Mr. “Dead arm?” Ok, glad the Dodgers passed on both S’s. But lets not make the monumental mistake of not re-signing CT3 please! I can accept the passing of the other two. Losing CT3 would be more than I could handle. If this comes to pass, I will have no other choice but to become a Red Sox fan. AFfffffff don’t screw this up!

  8. I’m really sorry to hear that Max was more injured, but he says he expects to be ready in time for the ’22 season. I think an infield combined of Max, Lux, and the Turners plus CT will be as good as any

  9. Absolutely! We need Chris Taylor and the Dodgers should show him some appreciation by “making him an offer that he can’t refuse.” Seager’s departure is a non surprise which is why we acquired T. Turner to begin with. Scherzer’s was a shortterm acquisition; and, quite frankly, CT3 continues to be my primary concern. Not sure what the FO is going to do to ensure that the Dodgers remain competitive this upcoming season but resigning CT3 should be a necessary part of whatever plan.

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