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Dodgers News: Dave Roberts was ‘Saddened’ by Joey Gallo’s Struggles

The 2022 MLB trade deadline was about one person and one person only, 23-year-old superstar, Juan Soto. 

The Padres made the big splash in landing him from the Nationals along with other players and stole the show that day. 

While our little brothers down south won the trade deadline, the Dodgers made one non-earth shattering move and that was acquiring outfielder Joey Gallo from the New York Yankees. 

I’m not going to lie, I was baffled that Andrew Friedman was trading for a guy who hadn’t been productive at all in New York this season. Gallo was struggling mightily and NY fans were becoming impatient with the former All-Star.  

However, with a new change of scenery came a new opportunity and Gallo was determined to showcase his talent in the west coast.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts appeared in the “R2C2” podcast hosted by CC Sabathia and Ryan Rucco yesterday, Roberts shared his thoughts on the 2-time All-Star and how he approached him when he first joined the Dodgers organization. 

“The first conversation I had with him, I just wanted to learn about him. I wanted to learn about his upbringing, his family living in Vegas, playing with (Bryce) Harper and those guys. … Talked a little bit about New York — and he kind of talked about, you know, wearing a hoodie and being ashamed. Embarrassed, not want to leave his house. And for me, I was just saddened.

“I think for me it was more of a encourage him to come here — I wanted to learn more about him and I want him to smile, I want him to laugh. I want to be himself.”

Roberts is a class act guy who has propelled the Dodgers into the juggernaut that they are. It’s no surprise why people within the organization and former players have nothing bad to say about the 7-year manager. 

The 28-year-olds numbers aren’t drastically better with LA, but you can see the joy he is playing with. His mental health was not in the right state of mind and a change was massively needed for him. 

The Nevada native could play a huge role for the Dodgers come October and is set to become a free agent once this season concludes. Whether it’s with LA or another team, Gallo could be playing for a huge contract this off-season. We’re glad to have you, Joey!


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