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Dodgers News: First Base Coach Remains With LA Despite Interest From Other Teams

It’s no question with the success the Dodgers had during the regular that they’d receive calls for their coaching staff. Despite the fans dismay towards Dave Roberts returning, the rest of the coaching staff seems fair came and Dodgers first base coach Clayton McCullough became a popular name to keep an eye on.

McCullough has been with the Dodgers since 2015 and recently drew interest from the Mets as their new manager for the 2022 season. Buck Showalter eventually got signed and further talks continued to have McCullough be a part of the coaching staff, but of course, McCullough remained with the Dodgers.

For the 2023 season, McCullough was drawing interest from the Royals before ultimately going with Matt Quintaro. McCullough, along with the rest of the Dodgers coaching staff, are expected to remain with the Dodgers for the upcoming season. 

The Dodgers solidifying their coaching staff moving forward should only further their success with the continuity from last season. Fans may not like the idea of Roberts coming back, but Andrew Friedman has been vocal about keeping Roberts on the team. 

The mistakes were a crucial part of the end of the season but with the right adjustments, which the Dodgers have been called out for not doing, the Dodgers can be a feared team once again. The coaching staff is doing something right with the talent to rack up so many wins but the energy needs to pick up for a deep postseason run.

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  1. Sounds like more of the same. No, the Dodgers won’t be feared. They will have to prove themselves in the postseason. Someone else said it best: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. Or something like that. You get my point.

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