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Dodgers News: Justin Turner Out of the Game 2 Lineup With An Injury

The Dodgers will look to even up the series against the Braves tonight in Atlanta. One night after the offense fell short and let down the bullpen, Dave Roberts decided to shake things up a little bit. Doc has already shown this postseason that he is willing to move guys around to get things going or provide a spark. 

On Sunday night, that move was keeping Justin Turner out of the starting lineup. The veteran third baseman has struggled greatly this postseason, with just 3 hits in 28 at-bats. Those struggles carried over into Game 1 of the NLCS with 2 strikeouts in big spots. 

Instead of JT, Doc went with Chris Taylor over at third base. This will be just the 10th game of the entire 2021 season that Taylor has started at the hot corner. The Dodgers also went with Gavin Lux in centerfield with the right-handed Ian Anderson on the mound for Atlanta. 

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Doc revealed during his pregame press conference that Turner was actually out with an injury. Roberts described it as a stinger in the right side of his neck that is preventing him from turning his head freely.

“It’s difficult. It is,” Roberts said on Sunday. “Obviously I want him to be in there. We’re always better when he’s in there. But where he is at – with the limitations with the head, the neck – I have to take a step back and ask, ‘What’s our best option?’ My job is to put the players in the best position for success and I just don’t think physically … I wouldn’t be doing my job.”

The hope is obviously that JT can be back in there as soon as possible.  Even with his struggles, Turner is one of the best Dodgers postseason hitters in the history of the organization. They need him in there. 

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    1. In wild idea, I might have had CT3 in center put Lux at 2B and slid Trea and Seags over respectively. CT3 has little experience at 3B. Lux a 2Bman and Trea a SS anyway. All you would have is Seags with no reps at 3B. Under this scenario you only have one player out of position rather than 3 as current. Just an idea.

        1. If you ask me, I’d rather have 1 player out of his natural position than 3. Call me crazy.

          1. ok – you are crazy. with CT3 at 3rd you have NO ONE out of his natural position as opposed to moving Seag’s, Trea and Lux. Trea may like SS, but he’s played 2nd now for 2 and a half months. Don’t mess with him now. Seag’s has NEVER played 3rd. May be a sticking point when Dodgers go to resign him after winning the WS!

        2. Kris Bryant for the hated Giants, started in 4 different positions in the NLDS. 1B and all 3 outfield positions. Didn’t seem to hurt the Giants any. Lame criticism.

          1. Btw Bryant’s natural position? Yup 3B! So he played in 4 other positions besides his natural position. These guys are PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES.

      1. makes sense to me too,rather have ct in center too and trea t is a better ss than seager

        1. Seag’s has NEVER played 3rd. Trea has never played SS on the Dodgers, and therefor has not played with new 2nd baseman Lux! If we had Trea earlier in the year, and tried these combinations, then I’d be all-in. But even Lux didn’t get starts in CF initially due to lack of playing time.

  1. This the only area where the Braves have a clear advantage…infield defense! Just don’t think that line advantage will be enough to carry them through.

  2. Ok, I’m putting out my game 3 lineup early:

    RF Betts
    SS Seager
    C Smith
    1B Bellinger
    LF Taylor
    CF Lux
    2B T Turner
    3B J Turner
    P Buehler

    This is based on AB quality and splits the left/right optimally as well. Sorry AJ your best postseason position is EL BENCHO!

    1. Btw the reigning AL batting champ bats in the 7 hole for the Houston Cheaters too so it’s ok to have Trea batting 7th.

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