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Dodgers News: LA ‘Feels Good’ About Gavin Lux at Shortstop

One of the biggest off-season stories will belong to Trea Turner as the baseball world waits to see which team he will go to next. Turner has been one of the best shortstops in the game and is a big reason the Dodgers were setting records all season long with him at the top of batting order, but the Dodgers may have to prepare for his departure.

Turner is set to command big money, similar to Corey Seager‘s $325 million deal, and it may be something the Dodgers can’t afford or are unwilling to match. There’s no doubt the Dodgers are going to try to bring Turner back, but in the case of Turner leaving the Dodgers are open to moving Gavin Lux to shortstop and replace Turner.

This gives an idea of how they feel about Lux moving forward if needed to fill the role, but if Turner were to return it may also mean the departure of Lux. The smoke and mirrors of the off-season surely is coming into play and perhaps will give teams a chance to see how the Dodgers value their players.

Although Lux primarily played second base for the Dodgers in 2022, shortstop is also a position of familiarity and was a position he became accustomed to with the departure of Seager. Before Turner joined the team with a trade right before the deadline, Lux was making a name for himself although there was a still a glaring need for improvement.

Lux can be serviceable at shortstop with Turner’s departure, but bringing back Turner would provide a much bigger improvement in a position of need.

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  1. I just wonder how many others here ‘feel good’ about seeing Lux at SS in 2023. Freidman is probably 1 of only a couple others who believe Lux can fill the shoes left by Turner should he go elsewhere.

  2. Friedman interview on mlb network on 11/9 refers to T Turner’s “1 year and 2 months we had him.” He is speaking in the past tense and free agency starts tomorrow. He’s gone. Should have done the extension last off season.

  3. Lux filled in for Seager when he was recovering and played SS for awhile everyday, acouple months !maybe? He did fine, and now he’s showing he can hit. I’m fine w him there, just go out and get a leftfielder and centerfielder that can both hit and we’ll be solid

  4. The Dodgers kept Lux for a reason. They are great at keeping guys that they know will blossom into serviceable long term players. They can fill second base from within, easily. The two outfield spots and pitching might be the place to spend what they will save by letting Turner, Turner and Bellinger walk.

  5. Swanson from the Braves if they go outside, imo. However, I do like the Lux option tho. He has range, although his arm isn’t the strongest- its adequate. As for CF, the analytics is what Friedman is looking at. He knows how many hard hit balls will be hits in 2023 compared to ground outs and line outs in 2022 due to the shift. Well, the shift goes away this year. Bellinger will have a big comeback this year. He’s one of the best in CF defensively.

    Bring back Kershaw and Anderson, shore up the bullpen (again), and bring up all the 25-27 year old’s in the minors. There’s tons of talent, and as Friedman says, “these kids have to get playing time”. I think that’s where he’s going with the roster.

    Younger in-house players, re-sign a few key guys, and get the salary situation under the max to reset the luxury taxes. He already signed his infield utility guy, plus you have Taylor. I look for Vargas, Miller, Busch, Pepiot, and Outman all being on the 2023 roster.

    Yes, we may have to be patient this year. But, long-term the roster remains one of the best in MLB…

  6. I’m fine with Lux at shortstop. It is his natural position. How about this. Move Mookie to 2nd and fill in the outfield.

  7. With the pitching we have it doesn’t matter Lux in short Cody in center. All we need and needed last 10 years is good manager not these bozos (friedman and roberts)But dodger owner real happy of just making the playoffs. He’s worst than roberts and friedman. Cause he pays them.

  8. Gavin will be fine at shortstop. He is actually a very good fielder. Also, he flirted with .300 till he had the neck issues.

  9. G. Lux is a serviceable infielder but not for a championship level team like the Dodgers. The SS position is the captain of the infield who must not only have good defensive skills, be able to play everyday, and be very cerebral of the game. Lux is an average infielder, erratic arm, and mental lapses. I cannot see him endure the pressure of the position and sustain excellence for a full year. He could be traded along with others for a much needed quality SP. The Dodgers need a dependable and trustworthy SS as a T. Turner, Swanson, or Bogaerts. A championship level team needs to be strong at SS, SP, and BP.

  10. I think Lux can play SS, and hit 275 batting everyday and not just against RH pitching. The problem is what do you get out of his replacement at second. Third base, left and center field offense still offensive problems.

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