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Dodgers News: LA Still Looking to Upgrade Outfield, Says Front Office Member

We have about six weeks until spring training starts and just under three months before Opening Day, and the Dodgers still have work to do on their roster. How much work is somewhat unknown, because we don’t really know how committed L.A. is to the idea of a youth movement.

Luckily, we have former big-league GM Jim Bowden, who apparently still has sources in all 30 front offices (according to him). In Bowden’s latest column, he writes that he spoke to “decision-makers in all 30 front offices” to find out what they’re working on. While no one would discuss specific players, understandably, he was able to get insights into what priorities each team has heading into the end of the offseason.

His news on the Dodgers isn’t exactly new information, but it confirms what we’ve heard elsewhere.

The Dodgers’ top priority right now is to acquire an outfielder — ideally a center fielder, but it could be a corner outfielder instead. They’d prefer to trade for one and are one of the many teams that have been involved in trade talks with the Pirates regarding Bryan Reynolds.

Reynolds, of course, is the primary target because he plays center field, he’s very good, and he wants to be traded. Early rumors suggested the Pirates were looking for a package similar to what the Nationals got for Juan Soto, which seems crazy but is an understandable starting point for them. If the price gets more reasonable, L.A. could deal from their minor-league depth to bring in a bona fide star in Reynolds.

If a Reynolds deal can’t be worked out, Los Angeles surely has plans B and C, but we don’t necessarily know what those plans are. But it seems likely the roster will change between now and Opening Day.

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Jeff Snider

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  1. I don’t think an outfield is the most important they need. They have plenty. The Dodgers need a Short Stop. Lux can’t play defense. That’s what they need to be more concerned about.

  2. I couldn’t agree more with you. I’ve always felt that in baseball one of the most important philosophies is to be very strong up the middle of the diamond. In short I think it is imperative to have a solid fielding infield and centerfielder. Those positions help the pitching staff and keep you in almost every game.In other words DEFENSE is more important than scoring ten runs a game!

  3. Is this a smokescreen? Do the Dodgers really want to trade away their top talent while the roster ages? Kershaw is nearing the end (I hope he announces his final year so all of MLB can celebrate him throughout the year), Syndergaard will be one and done, Gonsolin may only be a 5-6 inning SP, and two starters are coming off TJ surgery.

    Given that, they can’t afford to trade Miller, Pepiot or Stone. And I would throw Sheehan and Burns (their ONLY real lefty prospect) in there too. Let Outman earn the spot and go! Taylor and Thompson can battle for LF.


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