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Dodgers News: Mookie Betts and Cody Bellinger Held Out of the Lineup

The Dodgers and Rockies will play the final game of their series this afternoon in Los Angeles. It’s the battle of the Gray’s as young Josiah goes head-to-head with Colorado’s Jon to decide the series. 

Unfortunately for the Dodgers, they will have to once again win without some of their biggest stars in the lineup. Max Muncy remains out as he is still with his family in Phoenix. His wife just gave birth to their daughter and Max is away from the team until Tuesday. 

The Dodgers will also continue to be without Cody Bellinger and Mookie Betts. Dave Roberts said before the game that neither star would be able to be in the lineup today as both continue to recover from injuries sustained over the past week. 

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There was some hope that Bellinger would be back in the lineup and playing first base today. The Dodgers could have put him there to protect his hamstring and limit the running in the field. Instead, Roberts noted that the safer option was to give him the day with Monday being an off-day for the team. 

For Mookie Betts, it’s more of the same with his sore hip. He has not missed over a week’s worth of games and the Dodgers have not placed him on the injured list. Roberts did say that after he gets looked at by the medical staff today, they would decide if he needs to be placed on the IL. 

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  1. They should have put Betts on the IL a few days ago. Instead they continue to play not 1 but 2 men short on the position player side. Oh well, let’s not expect much from this lineup and BTW, it certainly not post season material. I have to begin to believe that Dodgers 8 year Division title run is just about over. Last night, another poor showing by the offense but they won with exceptional pitching.

  2. What is wrong with Betts. Do what everybody does. If I have to spell it out I will. Nothing is worse for Betts. He has been sidelined twice now. We have to play in pain thats why you have 6 months off. Get well

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