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Dodgers News: Mookie Betts Could Be Headed on a Rehab Assignment Soon

The Dodgers could be one BIG step closer to getting a big bat and name back in their lineup. The expectation was that there would not be a clear timeline for Mookie Betts with his hip injury and that he could return at any point this season. 

But that latest update from Dave Roberts suggests that Betts is progressing quicker than expected. He was on the field today doing some drills, and Doc said that he came out of it feeling good. 

So good that the Dodgers expect to send Mookie out on a rehab assignment as soon as this weekend. Roberts said before Thursday’s game that he would go play a few games there before joining up with the big league squad. 

As I’ve talked to the training staff, there’s a potential rehab assignment in the near future for a couple 2-3 days and then we’ll get him back. I know he won’t be back with us this weekend, but sometime next week would be the hope. 

That’s a pretty huge step for Betts to suddenly take, so he must be feeling great. But the Dodgers skipper also advised that it would all be contingent on how he was feeling coming out of drills the next few days. 

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Regardless, the fact that they are ready to send him on rehab is big news for the Dodgers. Getting Mookie in there just in time for the playoff stretch could prove to be huge, and would give them the option to confidently rest more guys.

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      1. Mookie in right field and McKinney on the bench increase the Dodgers chances of winning it all dramatically. Mookie was heating up before the hip issue flared. Even at 75% we need him. Pollack, Taylor, and Mookie should be the day to day outfielders. Of course DR will keep jamming Bellinger and his 180 BA in there. McKinney and Lux should be reserves only.

        1. I can only say that you’re correct with Roberts keeping Bellinger in CF and it’s because of his defense and not his .180 BA. But the real issue is Lux. He looks so over matched right now it’s not funny

  1. Great game today by Mitch White. He threw 7.1 shutout innings, only giving up 2 hits, and only threw 91 pitches. Very efficient. Muncy and Pollack are on fire. And the guys who really should serve only in a reserve capacity, Bellinger, McKinney, and Lux, were a combined 0 for 10 at the plate. Come on back Mookie. We need you. We have a world series to win.

  2. Getting Mookie back? That’s jumping thr gun a little considering he really hasn’t even started baseball activities. He still needs to run home to first and then run the bases, which could put him back on fhe IL. Not hopjng that happens, just saying we should let the process work itself out and not get out hopes up too soon.

    1. Absolutely agree on White joining the rotation. And would take Mookie at 75% over Bellinger 8 days a week.

      1. Bellinger continues to have problems putting the ball in play a lot. Even if he were to ground out or fly out, putting the ball in play means it can be a productive by advancing the runners. But he can’t do so swinging and missing as often as he has been.

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