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Dodgers News: Mookie Betts Could Start in the Infield Tonight

The Dodgers and Rockies are set to go head-to-head once again tonight. Following a disappointing loss in game 1, Los Angeles will look to pile of RHP Jon Gray early and get the offense moving in the right direction. 

But the defensive alignment could also look a little different tonight. Dave Roberts spoke on Friday night about getting Mookie Betts back and what they would do to manage his health. The Dodgers obviously want to keep him healthy following the hip injury scare. 

One plan might be playing him more often at second base, which Doc hinted at for today. There is a good chance we see Mookie starting at second base tonight. 

I think to run out to right field every night, to cover the ground out there on a flyball, ball in the gap, down the line, whatever it might be, to kind of minimize that a little bit. If there are opportunities that we can get him at second base, I’m going to try to do that.

If Mookie does get the start there, that would likely mean a day off for Trea Turner or Corey Seager. The Dodgers have stressed the importance of giving guys days off down the stretch, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see either sit. 

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Keeping Mookie fresh and ready to go for October is going to be a tall task for the Dodgers. The hope is that the hip is healthy, but that’s a gamble every time he plays. Expect to see him get more days off and starts in the infield. 

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  1. Betts isn’t right. He’s shouldn’t be hitting third….The offense hasn’t done anything since Roberts put him there. He’s O fer and needs to be put down in the order to regain his swing. Hopefully it doesn’t turn into a Bellinger ordeal…..

  2. I guess the Dodgers’ offense forgot they had to play a game last nite. Sadly predictable

  3. Roberts planning to make drastic changes with Mookie,but clearly no changes in “King of Pop Ups Bellinger”! FAILURE accepted!

    1. That’s Roberts for ya. Sitting key players, especially since once again the offense FAILED AGAINST ANOTHER LHP is ridiculous! And can anyone tell me why dumb Roberts had Will Smith batting 8th after what he’s done in last few games? Here’s a guy tied for 2nd on the team in HR’s. No wonder why the offense struggled last night and does so about every other game.

  4. If Betts is playing 2nd base on occasion then it’s Seager who should sit because Trea Turner is much too important as a key catalyst and lead off hitter and should remain there daily.

    1. Hopefully Trea would play center and Bellinger sits. But roberts love affair with Bellinger, Mookie, Mckinnley and Kenley has and will be his demise if he doesn’t wake up. Mookie is off, he shouldn’t be anywhere near the top of the order until he starts hitting the ball. He doesn’t steal bases, he can’t play right apparently 2 straight games in a row, he isn’t hitting left handers. Last night was a pathetic exhibition from the entire team, but mostly Roberts. Roberts doesn’t protect hitters, Trea hits the ball and sees good pitches because Muncy is usually behind him, Muncy or any #2 in the line up hitter will see many good pitches with Betts batting third because betts is back to popping up thinking he’s a power hitter. Pollock should be 3rd or 4th, even Smith. Anyone but Pujols or Betts… Just assinine by roberts

  5. Geez. The time is now. This IS the stretch. Giants have been red hot since the beginning of the season and show no signs of cooling off. They are getting the most out of their players despite having a payroll that is half that of the Dodgers. Reason for their success? They have a manager who knows how to manage. Been hearing that we need to rest our players so that they will be fresh for October since the start of the season. There won’t be much of an October with stupid decisions being made by Roberts and/or the front office.

    1. Agreed Glenn…..Roberts and company coddle players and even reward them playing time when they don’t deserve it. Favorites, and don’t think the players don’t see this as well. Seager should be back to hitting #2 but Roberts is delusional. The startegy of resting and sitting HOT players is why this team always has streaky players, They never get to ride it out…That’s when they need rest, not when their 20 for 40 ……Also letting Bellinger just kill any rally every game is ridiculous…There’s a reason why the dodgers have had more injuries than anyone else, they promote sitting it out when they have a hang nail, then they get out of sinc and it takes them a while to rev up again. The Giants have hungry players trying to survive on the roster and their management makes sure they all are contact hitters. They play with more of a desperation and they all know their roles, their lineup doesn’t change day to day and hour to hour like roberts does

      1. Yes, the Giants do play hungry and they play as a unit. As you said, they know their roles. They’ve had their share of injuries as well but Gabe does a good job managing the players, has a consistently well thought out lineup, and knows his bullpen. I hate watching them and I especially despise their announcers but they just keep winning. Hopefully we can catch them but time is slowly running out.

  6. This will be real stupid right now that Trea is doing better than Mookie but Knowing dumb roberts it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Mookie can’t play right field the put him on the bench cause Trea is better than him right now and this year too.

    1. Hang on Luis, just when we think Roberts has topped out his dimwitted moves, he pulls another head scratcher. even opposing managers must just say WOW!!! that’s a easy match up….If Roberts moves Trea to anywhere but lead off we’re in trouble. Taylor needs rest, so does JT, so he’ll get all arrogant and think he can just roll the Rockies by sitting both and probably play Bellinger and mckinney in their place. He’s unbelievable at least twice a week….

      1. Kirk, as I said, if dumb Roberts wants to play Betts at 2nd on occasion it CANNOT be at the expense of Trea having to sit. If anything Seager should sit because Trea can more than play SS his natural position, he leads off and has the best running speed of anyone on this team., a real catalyst.

        1. Paul, unbelieveable….Yep, he did it again sitting Trea and keeping the 0-fer Betts in there.. Roberts will NEVER play the right team against the sub par teams. The rockies have the 4th best record since the all star break and roberts throws Bull pen games and sits his ONLY meat and potatoes players. the arrogance is unbelievable that Roberts thinks Bellinger and mckinney and now even a injured Betts can walk right through and hit enough to beat the rocks. Better hope the Vagiants fail again because roberts is throwing in another game…

          1. Cody just showed why he shouldn’t be in the lineup. Bases loaded with 2 outs and Bellinger flies out. Happens too many times this year. Flies out or strikes out

  7. Just a thought here, but if we had the DH in the NL,this conversation wouldn’t exist because Mookie can be saved in part to him not having to play the field at all. Now ya all can understand why I’m a HUGE advocate for the DH.

  8. There he goes again pulling Trea Turner so Mookers can plays 2nd base. You are out of it Roberts.Why don’t you take a day off or the year off.Nobody needs a day off except me.

    1. Don’t worry Rob false alarm, Trea is in there, instead he’s sitting his Hottest hitter Pollock and Seager in favor of Bellinger and Mckinnley…..No worries…………Now he will have 3 guaranteed outs from 6- 8-9 ……Giants are winning in Atlanta of course…..

      1. A day game tomorrow after tonight’s game and I get the feeling Betts won’t start. Muncy may sit as well if his back is still a bit tight. WSS But Bellinger and McKinney most likely start and cause it’s a day game following a night game Barnes will catch.

        1. And Paul, he’s throwing another Bull pen game with Mitch White. So let’s take a look at the MOST important series of the season coming up against the Vagiants. He’s going to burn all 3 of our reliable starters against the Braves and what? throw 3 Bull pen games against the vagiants? Is he banking on the Brewers sweeping the Vagiants? Do you think the Vagiants will play their best line ups against the Dodgers? He’s burning up the bull pen either way so it’s quite likely the Vagiants sweep us and bury us on Labor day. Because he guarantees at least 9 sure outs per game by playing Mckinney, Bellinger and the pitcher, the Vagiants will basically be only needing to retire 18 hitters during the game. Bellinger HAS to have something on either mngt or Roberts. It defies any logical explanation of reason why and or HOW he remains playing in not only this lineup, but ANY line up in baseball..

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