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Dodgers News: Red Hot Corey Seager and Cody Bellinger Held Out of the Lineup Sunday

Dave Roberts is doing everything he can early on to keep his guys well-rested and healthy. That means some of the Dodgers best players have already sat out a game just a few days into the new season.

Yesterday, Mookie Betts and Justin Turner were held out of the Dodgers lineup. Doc clarified that it was a built-in day of rest and that there was not a physical issue with either of them. 

Robert also confirmed that Cody Bellinger and Corey Seager would be held out of the lineup Sunday for the same reason. Seager is the hottest bat on the Dodgers at the moment, but the rest day is something Roberts thinks players will need early. 

We got 7 in a row so I felt like this was a good day to get them an off day and get them back in there tomorrow.

Holding Corey out of the lineup probably won’t sit well with Dodgers fans. He 8 hits in 12 at-bats and has drawn 4 walks. That means he is reaching base at a .750 clip through the first 3 games of the season. 

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Doc is going to do whatever it takes to ensure that his players are ready for the grind of a 162-game season. Following a year in which they only played 60 games, it’s only fitting. And if that means holding out some of the Dodgers best players in the name of health, then I guess we can all get behind it if it. 

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  1. Don’t really understand why he sits two of the best players at the same time.
    It worked ok yesterday I guess but still.

    1. How about the fact that when Barnes catches, the lineup isn’t as good as last year not because Barnes is catching but because of no DH, Will Smith sits instead of being in the middle of the lineup like he was last year. Instead the pitcher is required to bat when for the most part they don’t care to. Their job is pitching but that’s MLB for ya.

      1. Barnes is a better defensive catcher so that helps pitching which is as important as hitting, if not moreso.

    2. he’s been doing that for years, and against a poor rockies team, he had the luxury to do so.

  2. Bellinger i understand…he has not looked good…you never break the rhythm of a guy on fire at the plate…Corey is 26 years old…he is far from tired…DOC overthinks way too much…It almost cost the Dodgers in the post season some of his questionable decisions…I agree with resting players…until he goes 1-4 or 0 for 4 he should play

  3. This was no surprise at all for anyone who follows the Dodgers. Doc can rest pairs of his best players when facing the #3 and #4 starter for the Rockies. In addition he also knows he has Buehler and Urias throwing for the team. All played out perfectly, and the Dodgers won 3 out of 4. Should have been a sweep: Kersh had poor defense behind him. So far so good – on to Oakland!

  4. I would rather see him rest Pollock, as often as possible. They should have got a right handed hitting outfielder with the departure of Joc. I would rather see Taylor on the OF as long as the IF holds together. But you know there will be injuries during the long season.

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