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Dodgers News: Trea Turner Praises Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman

To win 111 games in a regular season requires much love among the club house and the perfect amount of team chemistry. That’s exactly what propelled the Dodgers to be one of the most feared teams during the regular season with Trea Turner leading the charge next to Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman.

For his efforts, Turner was awarded his first Silver Slugger of his career. A deserving award for the star shortstop who is expected to hit the open market and command a large amount of money. However, this doesn’t stop Turner from giving love to his teammates for all they helped him throughout the entire season.

Betts, who earned his fifth career Silver Slugger Award this season, continued to make plays in the outfield all season long which of course makes it much easier for the rest of the team to follow suit (via MLB).

“Yeah those guys are special, man. Those highlights that you guys were showing of Mookie, and just getting a chance to watch him play for the last couple years, he’s unbelievable. When he takes over the game, offensively and defensively, too, but offensively especially, he’s really good. He can hurt you in so many ways.”

Whenever Freeman stepped up to the plate, you knew he was going to make a play for his team.

“And then yeah, being a teammate with Freddie for the first time, getting to see how he goes about his business. He’s a little old school. So, with how much analytics and drills and all these things you have nowadays, he’s pretty old school and it’s kind of refreshing sometimes to talk to him and see how simple he is and kind of getting the best of both worlds with those two guys.”

This may be the last time we see the three together in a Dodgers uniform with Turner being open to moving back to the east coast. However, if the three were to run it back it won’t be hard to assume great things will happen.

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  1. This is why FO needs to keep The Big Three together. This is their main core for the future. They like each other, they work ideas together, they comfortable of their spot in the lineup, and they seem to be in sync with one another. Every championship team have a big three. Losing one of them might throw the whole chemistry of the team off and take a longer time to get back on track. Trea I know you want to go East, but you also have good buddies on a perennial championship team…. and who knows Soto might come on board the following year.

  2. Ryan, that is a nice picture of the four guys on the bench…..that will be missed if Trea is not there for next year.

  3. I think it is interesting how Trea really started hitting after the “brain trust” switched the batting order from Freeman batting second and Trea batting third. After the switch and Trea started batting second, the Dodgers caught fire. I am still amazed that they had Freeman batting second to start the season. Once again, management over thinks the situation, especially in postseason. The Dodgers have to sign Trea but it ain’t gonna happen.

  4. Looking at the above picture in the dugout, that could be core of the team along with Smith for years to come. The BIG THREE must remain together, as they seem to like each other, comfortable with their spot in the lineup, always in sync with each other, and sharing ideas together. Every championship team have their big three, but there is none better. If Trea leaves it would be difficult to find that chemistry that this BIG THREE have hitting behind each other. Trea, you can go back East during the offseason, but you have good buddies on a perennial championship team in LA…..and maybe Soto coming the following year. It could be the next “Murderer’s Row”, west coast style.

  5. If the Dodgers let Trea get away after Seager that hole on the left side grows larger every day. Lux is definitely not the future SS for the Dodgers, the defensive skill simply aren’t there with his hitting as questionable as ever. The Dodgers need a shortstop not a right fielder and Trea is there for the getting. A front line pitcher also, not a bargain basement like Heaney was. Our kiddy corp needs to show what they got and are they able to stick with the big team

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