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Dodgers NLCS: Dave Roberts Will Consider Clayton Kershaw in Relief for Game 7

The Dodgers are going to Game 7 of the National League Championship Series. After falling behind 3 games to 1, Los Angeles came roaring back and won two consecutive games to tie things back up in the series. 

In typical Game 7 fashion, it sounds like all hands are on deck for Dave Roberts and his pitching staff. That would apparently include Clayton Kershaw, who just threw 87 pitches on Thursday night in Arlington. Kershaw was spotted in the bullpen during the Game 6 win, leading reporters to ask if he would be available for Sunday.

I’ll talk to him tomorrow, you know coming off of the spasms and just kind of seeing where he’s at physically, a couple of days of rest. I’ll talk to him and we’ll make a decision. -Dave Roberts

Roberts essentially admitting he would consider using Kershaw out of the Dodgers bullpen seems odd, for a lot of reasons. The fact that he just threw on Thursday alone should probably take him out of the conversation. Add in the fact that there are several arms available to go along with his back spasm issue, and it makes close to no sense at all. 

But then again, Dave ROberts has shown in the past that he likes to lean on his guy when the going gets tough. Sometimes it works out, and sometimes it doesn’t. Kershaw came in and shut down Game 5 of the NLDS back in 2016, and that worked out fine. But bringing him into Game 5 last season didn’t end well at all.

Expect the Dodgers to lean heavily on their bullpen guys along with Tony Gonsolin in this one. If they need the length, they may also consider using Julio Urias as well. 

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  1. Hi we’re the Dodgers and we never learn we like to get eliminated in the same way every season. We like to have bullpen games when we have 4 starters

    1. I think they win and beat the Rays in the WS. Kershaw is a bad choice for reliever, though.

    2. Hi were the dodgers and have had basically the same issue since Puig first came to our team and we refuse to fix it

  2. I found it interesting that during the post-game show Saturday, Big Papi, A-Rod, etc all felt Kersh should make an appearance in tonight’s game; in one case, the announcer even suggested that Kersh be the starting pitcher. My only comment is this : If we have the lead going into the late innings and it is 6 runs or more, then bring Kersh in. If the lead is less, do not allow him near the mound. He is a HOF pitcher!!! But, he got there thanks to hard working players giving their all. Their feelings must be considered also!!!! Another disastrous performance by CK and his reputation will be permanently tarnished. Now, lets win this evening. Go Blue!!!!

    1. The only thing worse than listening to those Fox Dullards is tuning into ESPN Dullards. So I did not hear them propose a Kershaw appearance, because I switched over immediately to SportsNet. But I don’t doubt such a dumb thought would be hatched by that group of dodo birds. Back issues? Third day following 80+ pitches? And would we not want him ready to start on regular rest on Tuesday? Then he would be ready for a game 6 or 7 start too. Tony G. start tonight for 4 or 5 innings then let the bullpen in. Bats gotta ring early then it’s, Let’s go Dodgers.

    2. Concur with ya BLUE LOU! The rest of the BP should be able to handle things onec the starter is removed. And after last years NLDS meltdown in game 5, the idea of Roberts even CONSIDERING putting CK in this game 7 here is beyond me.

  3. It’s so important in life to learn from your mistakes. Insanity is doing the same things over and over again, and expecting different results. Let Kershaw enjoy this game as a spectator.

    1. Exactly my point here. , as far as insanity goes. No need for CK to be even considered for this game at all when Dodgers have a ‘stable’ of BP arms to use. But if Dodgers repeat their offensive efforts we saw after last night’s 1st inning, then who comes in to pitch becomes a mute point, meaning the Braves would face the Rays in the WS.

  4. Pitching K tonight would be a huge mistake. So we can count on the mad professor to do it. Gonsolin then Urias then Graterol. If those three get beat, we just lose. Also, bats need to get us 5-6 runs so pitchers don’t have to be perfect.

  5. Well, of course Kershaw is going to tell Doc that he wants to pitch. But I really, really hope that Roberts is only saying he’ll consider using him from the bullpen because he’s trying to play mind games with Snitker. Kershaw is still only a few days removed from a back injury, and on short rest, that would be a recipe for disaster. Let him watch the game from the dugout, and hopefully the actual bullpen does the job and he can start Game 1 vs. the Rays on full rest.

  6. Kershaw to pitch game 1 of the WS, Urias game 2, don’t burn these guys tonight, there are plenty of relievers to get thru tonight who have just as good a chance to put up a zero as those 2 starters.

  7. I agree 100% with jackson. Kershaw in WS Game 1, Urias in Game 2. They’re both on short rest for the NLCS Game 7 (especially Kershaw) so leave them alone. There are better options for Game 7.

  8. I concur with both of you. Today being a bullpen game for both teams offense just need to out hit and out score them LET’S GOOOOO!!!!!

  9. It appears that May will start. Then, your guess is as good as mine. If it is a close game, I keep Kersh in the dugout. We have come to far and do not want history to repeat itself. Go Blue!!!!!7

  10. AZUL, congratulations!!!! We are headed to the WS. I knew with PD Jr’s advice and support that we were heading in the right direction. Stay safe, stay well!!! Go Blue!!!

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