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Dodgers Postseason: Corey Seager Dodges Odd Francisco Lindor Trade Question

Have a series, Corey Seager! On Friday night, helping power the Dodgers to live another day, Seags set himself some playoff records with the bat. The big one being becoming the first shortstop in MLB history with 4 home runs in a postseason series. The 4 dingers also tied a franchise record (Steve Garvey ’78 NLCS, Duke Snider ’52 & ’55 World Series). To top it off, the lefty with the smooth swing has knocked in 14 RBI now, tops on the Dodgers and second-most in the 2020 postseason.

He’s good, alright? Healthy for the first time in years and locked in like he’s never been before. 

Strangely, however, Corey was asked after his titanic efforts on Friday about trade rumors from the winter before. Those surrounding Cleveland shortstop Francisco Lindor. Of course, the premise came on the part of the awful Fox broadcast crew of Joe Buck and Braves legend John Smoltz. The insinuation that Seager was fired up by hearing the Lindor rumors, leading to a big season and huge postseason.

Understandably taken aback, Seager was at a loss for words.

I… I don’t really know. That’s… not even close to on our mind right now. It’s about winning games right now and that’s it.

Given the situation the Dodgers find themselves in, and the fact that the club had just won its most important game of the year, the timing of the question seemed off. SportsNet LA analyst Jerry Hairston Jr. agreed.

What happened last offseason and what rumors may be coming up for the next one, the room did not match the question. 

Thankfully no one asked Corey about Walker Buehler’s pants

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  1. Here’s a riddle that qualifies for Dodger, if not Major League baseball lore:

    Question: Who’s the only player in post-season competition to hit a home run off himself?

    Answer: Will Smith

  2. It wasn’t a stupid question. It might have been a stupid idea to even think of Lindor replacing Seager but Smoltz was right to ask it. It’s news.

  3. I also thought the questions was in very bad taste right now. Rumors like that get floated during the off-season all the time and that’s okay. But rumors like that are speculative and oftentimes untrue. Right now is not the time to stir up shit like that about players in general. Consider the source. Smotlz is a Brave through and through. He should not be doing this series at all, he should be working the ACLS.

  4. Former Braves’ pitcher Smoltz’ question was passive-aggressive idiotic. Timing is everything, and the question evidences a lack of tact as well. Good for Seager’s ” get back on task at hand” response.

  5. it was a stupid question on friday night.all thoughts are on winning 2 games to get to the world series not on what might have been 2 years ago.moronic

  6. Does anyone remember when Bryant Gumbel asked Thurman Munson if he would sign with Cleveland next year during the celebration in the locker after winning the World Series? It was either 1977 or 1978, I believe. He was quickly shut off by Munson who said that it was not the time nor place for such a conversation.

    Like then, as now, that is not news; it’s dirt digging and has nothing do do with the game at hand.

  7. What is the smear on the back of Turner’s jersey? Is it there for good luck? I see it every game and I don’t know who to ask:

    1. Pine tar from his bat while he stretches with it in the on-deck circle before batting.

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