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Dodgers Offseason: Former Giant Brandon Belt Jokes About Signing With LA

One of the hardest things about being a baseball fan is seeing a player you love sign with a team you hate. As Dodgers fans, we’ve seen that quite a bit recently, as it’s a veritable Los Angeles reunion up in San Francisco with Joc Pederson, Alex Wood, Ross Stripling, and Scott Alexander.

Former Giants first baseman Brandon Belt signed with the Blue Jays this offseason after 12 years in San Francisco, the team that drafted him out of the University of Texas in 2009. He was recently on the radio in the Bay Area, and he cracked a joke that Frisco fans might not like (just like they don’t like it when you call San Francisco “Frisco,” but it’s a free country).

If there’s anything worse than the Giants parting ways with the only remaining player from their 2012 and 2014 World Series title teams, it’s having that player sign with their rival Los Angeles Dodgers.

After a long, chaotic free agency process, Brandon Belt explained how close he was to trading in his Orange and Black for Dodger blue.

“Honestly, I was probably so close to signing with the Dodgers,” Belt said on KNBR’s “Papa and Lund”.

After a brief pause filled with silence, he allowed Giants fans to breathe again.

“I’m just kidding,” he said as laughs broke out. “I would never do that.”

It was probably a scary moment for Giants fans during that brief pause, but if they’re familiar with the Dodgers roster, it was probably confusing, too. Why would a team that has Freddie Freeman and Max Muncy sign a 34-year-old defensively challenged first baseman who has forgotten how to hit? (I see you, SF fans who are here to show up in the comments and talk about Muncy’s struggles, but Muncy had a lousy year in 2022 and was still a better hitter than Belt.)

We wish no ill will on Belt, of course. We’re happy for him the same way we’re happy for anyone who doesn’t have to wear orange and black anymore, and while Toronto’s blue isn’t quite Dodger blue, it’s not too bad for an off-brand. And honestly, making a joke just to make Giants fans mad is kind of a cool move, too.

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