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Dodgers Pitcher Slams Houston Astros in Single Tweet

The results of MLB’s 2022 Hall-of-Fame voting were revealed on Tuesday. Seminal figures Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds once again did not get the call to the hall. David Ortiz was the lone player elected to the HOF. Many baseball fans and players were not pleased with the results. Including Dodgers reliever Justin Bruihl.

Bruihl thinks earning enshrinement in the HOF has simply turned into a popularity contest.

Of course, many baseball fans disagreed with Bruihl’s opinion, including a Houston Asterisks supporter. The fan told Bruihl to “shut up and pitch”. Bruihl took the opportunity to absolutely bury the guy.

Bonds and Clemens did not got elected in their final year of regular eligibility due to their strong connection to the Steroid Era in MLB. However, as Bruihl mentions, David Ortiz did test positive for PEDs in 2003 according to the The New York Times Mitchell Report in 2009. 

Bruihl’s opinion, as well as the opinion of many, is that enshrining Ortiz, but not Clemens, is a shining signal of HOF voter hypocrisy.

In his 24-year MLB career, Clemens won a MLB seven Cy Young awards, a MLB record, plus two triple-crowns (’97-’98) and the 1986 AL MVP. He compiled 354 wins and 4,672 strikeouts. He ranks in the all-time top ten in both those categories. Clemens’ incredible stats and accolades are the reason Bruihl and others strongly believe he deserves a place a spot in Cooperstown. David Ortiz’s election only elevated the conversation. 

If you disagree with Bruihl, that’s fine. Unless you’re a Houston fan.

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Eric Eulau

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  1. Those who tell others to shut up and do whatever should loose their social media/comment privileges. Everybody is entitled to their opinion… It’s especially gutless given that you don’t have to say it to their face!

    1. Unfortunately this happens all the time with twitter. If they don’t like your opinion they insult, threaten and Lie about the facts. Facts have never been apart of their arguement nor the evidence. They are simply cowards hiding behind, in some cases, thousands of miles. Astro fans have been especially guilty of these tactics. The truth hurts

  2. Typical Dodger cooment. Still won’t take responsibility for losing Game 7 in their own stadium with their “ace” on the mound and supposedly the best bullpen (at the time) in baseball. I still find it funny how many players from other teams are quick to point out the Dodgers and Yankees as two other teams who were well known as cheaters themselves.

  3. To SMU, the word you want is “lose,” as us there are winners and losers, not “loose,” as in turn him loose.”

  4. He’s right! What Justin Bruihl said is totally correct. If you come back positive on a drug test, it means you failed it. Roger Clements never failed a drug test but because “Clemens did not got elected in their final year of regular eligibility due to their strong connection to the Steroid Era in MLB.” is indeed hypocrisy. Ortega tested positive for PEDs and played in that era and still got into the HOF. It has become a popularity contest and is full of hypocrites and people who don’ t deserve to be there. Fyi, it looks like an Astros hater went “Phishing” for a response to that article because Clements played with the Astros and no true Astros fan would send a response like that to a player who was defending Roger Clements. As an Astros fan, our apologies for that jerk who posed as an Astor fan and said that, he is no Astros fan

  5. Those who don’t know the difference between lose and loose, should lose their social media privileges.

  6. I’m in a chat room where loose is used constantly for lose. It drives me insane. If you are stupid enough to not know the different uses of the two words, then just put them down on a piece of paper and look at them. Even the dumbest of them should then be able to difference. Jeez!!

  7. y’all didn’t even make it to the world series last year lol. this pitcher is easily forgettable.

  8. I am an Astros fan and I totally agree with this Dodgers ptcher. What a joke, or a travesty, depending on how you sit down and see it, that Clemens is not in the Hall.

  9. You writers live to dog The Houston Astros! Funny thing is in this case you fail to point out something…. Thank You for Scott Powers, the Director of Quantitative Analysis. ?

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