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Dodgers Reportedly Making Push to Sign Shohei Ohtani and Trade for Mike Trout

The MLB offseason is fully upon us, and all eyes remain on what two-way superstar Shohei Ohtani is going to do.

The Dodgers are expected to be one of the most aggressive teams in the pursuit of Shohei, but they’ll be far from the only ones vying for his services.

While all eyes are on Ohtani — and rightfully so — the Dodgers also seem to have another big move up their sleeve.

MLB insider Hector Gomez reported late Friday night that the Dodgers are not only looking to sign Ohtani, but they’re also going to make an aggressive pursuit to trade for 11-time All-Star outfielder Mike Trout.

The Los Angeles Angels seem to be in a state of limbo right now, and offloading Trout’s enormous contract the same offseason they lose the best player in baseball makes a ton of sense.

The Dodgers have the financial capability to pay Trout and Ohtani, and would love the opportunity to reunite the two in Los Angeles.

The Dodgers have a farm system oozing with talent, and with Trout’s contract, age and injury history, LA wouldn’t have to give up too big of a haul for the three-time MVP.

There’s no telling how close Ohtani and Trout got in their time together, but it’s hard to imagine it would hurt the Dodgers’ pursuit of Ohtani if they got his longtime teammate to join him in LA.

We’re still in the early stages of the offseason, but we have our first huge rumor. This would be an incredible, all-in move for the Dodgers if they do, in fact, pull it off.

Do you want to see the Dodgers try to trade for Mike Trout along with signing Shohei Ohtani? Sound off in the comments below!

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Noah Camras

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  1. There is absolutely no reason to sign Mike Trout. I’m not disputing his talent, he’s amazing, when he’s healthy. And that is not often. The only way to make his impact last is to just have him be the DH, and if you get Ohtani, what do you do with him then? I doubt this happens anyways but getting both I feel is redundant and a very expensive redundancy. Spend the money on another pitcher instead.

    1. I agree there is no need for an agin, overpaid, injury-prone Trout. (By the way, they wouldn’t be signing Trout. He is not a FA. This would be a trade.) And that would be even more reason to avoid him–no way should they give top prospects for him (and help the Angels out).

        1. Sadly won’t happen. Ohtani already declined the offer the Angels gave him. I would love for him to stay but I agree with his decision to be on a winning team

      1. Sadly won’t happen. Ohtani already declined the offer the Angels gave him. I would love for him to stay but I agree with his decision to be on a winning team.

  2. Sign ohtani, but trading for trout is very scary, when he’s on the field he is still elite, but he has a chronic back injury and it should get progressively worse . I’d look at a younger more affordable outfielder and spend money on the rotation,ohtani can’t pitch in 2024, so what is the rotation going to look like.if the Dodgers get trout they’d have to have the Angels eat alot of that contract.

    1. I agree it seems the Fing Dodgers are supposed to sign every FAcout won’t matter they will lose in the 1st round

    2. He not getting any good info, this is only what HE wants to see happen. Same clown has the Dodgers in on every FA or big name in BB.

  3. Pujols type mistake, he’s already in steep decline, and with his chronic health problems you’ll be paying him $35M a year for 0 WAR production for the last 5 years of that contract.

  4. Yes please. So long as it doesn’t hold up the pursuit of Yamamoto. He MUST be the priority

  5. Good grief. I hope Friedman is not that stupid. Trout and Ohtani were together for years and didn’t even make the playoffs.

    1. Friedman is that stupid, he’s keeping Dave Roberts as manager.. no matter who they get from free agency, Roberts can’t coach in the playoffs. Its a proven fact, start of by firing Roberts first. Then make moves, what sense is it. Make playoffs n get taken out in first round, back 2 back years.. Common sense

  6. Would Trout not have negative trade value? He costs a fortune and is always hurt. Why empty the farm for that,?

  7. This would be a useless TRADE as the L A would probably give up one whole team of possible super stars that would be starters on every single team in MLB! Dumb…….

  8. It would be REALLY REALLY cool to see them both crip’d out but I’d rather they stuck to just Ohtani.

  9. NO ON TROUT! Let the Phiilies ‘bring him home’. $35 mil for the next 4-5 yeas for a part-time player? Absolutely no way. Friedman would be a fool to send “top prospects” to the Angels for him. Miller, Pepiot and Sheehan are the bulwark of the rotation. Add in Buehler, Ohtani in ’25 and maybe even May and Gonsolin too. Get Ohtani, sign two pitchers, even if its short-term, bring back Heyward, and sign one other OF. Trout is a waste of time and money…

    1. I wouldsuggest bringing belli ger back, try to upgrade the pitching staff and and get a proven mibmddle infielde

  10. The Dodgers need to concentrate on elite starting pitching first and foremost! Yamamoto and his 30 year old Japanese teammate starting pitcher, along with Blake Snell or Phillies Ace Nola. Once we have elite starting pitching signed, go after Ohatani, but don’t give up the farm for Mike Trout. He can’t stay healthy any longer, and his contract is 35 million or more a season, the Dodgers don’t need Trout!

  11. I see no reason to sign either players. Ohtani is no longer a 2-way player and isn’t worth the hefty price. Regarding Trout, his best years are behind him and so best to leave his $$$ baggage as well. Re-signing Martinez for DH would be much more cost effective. Moreover, the D’s need more Infield support and why I think Tim Anderson fits in nicely and w/ affordability as he can play both SS and 2nd base as well as trade lead-off or the 2-spot in the batting order w/ speed. Best to spend on SPs – like Yamamoto and or Imanaga as well as RP Matsui or stretch Uwasawa. Note: The reason why I elected to reference Japanese pitching “posters” is because it’s a smart clubhouse move to have a couple players who speak their native language playing together.

  12. My Dodgers FA priority list:

    Ohtani and Yamamoto would be perfect. Getting those two and pairing then with what we have. We can build a real team that would be built for the postseason.

    Teams would hate to face this lineup everyday against Betts, Freeman, Ohtani, Outman, Rojas (2nd year), and Muncy.

    Pitching is critical. Yamamoto and Hader would definitely help my psyche lol. Adding these 2 to whoever we would have coming off of injury definitely gives the Dodgers added depth.

  13. No to Trout. Soon to be only a DH, if he can pay at all. He is paid 10x what he should be paid, since he plays less than 1/2 the games. Are the Angels going to pay most of his salary to a team to take him off their roster? Great player in the past, but way too many injuries for the past several years. Hector Gomez + Charissa Thompson, making stuff up, stealing our attention from us with false information. LIke pick-pockets taking from our brains.

  14. I believe ya can figure out that I’m on the side of NOT trading for Trout no matter what. WE NEED STARTING PITCHING!! Haven’t we seen enough of this defiance in 2023? Trout may be a great player when healthy but I’m tired of seeing the Dodgers waste time, money and prospects for the disabledplayers. Enough is enough already!

  15. Sadly, this makes sense for the Angels if Ohtani is leaving. They need to restock the farm and what better way to do it than hit up one of the best for prospects.

  16. I don’t think the Dodgers should make this move at all. They need to focus on attaining high quality pitchers. We have a great team but have lacked pitchers to get us to the World Series. We also need a third baseman so if there are prospects out there, go for them. I say “No Trout, we have enough fish in the sea and OH no, to Ohtani.”

  17. I agree that neither player fits the Dodgers needs. It seems wiser to use the money on a Yamamoto and Snell to join Buehler, Miller and either Pepiot or Sheehan on the starting rotation. Plus in 2025 they’ll potentially have MY and Gonsolin returning. Pitching for this coming season is the greatest need. Good pitching beats good hitting!

  18. Personally I think it’s a great idea!
    As for Trouts injuries, I have a sneaky suspicion that once he puts on a Blue and white uniform he that may clear up allot.

    As for Ohtani, I see no question at all. We can definitely use a two way player of his caliber!

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