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Dodgers Reportedly “Most Likely” Landing Spot For Giancarlo Stanton

It was reported recently that Giancarlo Stanton’s list of teams he would approve includes the Dodgers, but not the Giants or Cardinals. It came as a pretty big surprise to see the two favored teams not included. With that being the case, it appears that the Dodgers are now the favorite to land the reigning MVP.

Jim Bowden tweeted that he believes the Dodgers and Yankees are the most likely destinations. Craig Mish followed with a tweet of what he believes the odds are for each team to land the slugger.

As noted by Mish, the Giants and Cardinals are not completely out of the conversation. This was also reported on by Joe Frisaro of, who had this to say:

Giancarlo Stanton is keeping all of his options open, and the reigning National League Most Valuable Player Award winner has not ruled out either the Giants or Cardinals from trade consideration, a source told

The Marlins are getting serious about cutting down their payroll, and they’ve already traded Dee Gordon. They likely won’t waste any time trying to work out a deal with one of Stanton’s preferred teams.  If they can’t find a deal that works, they may have to resort to moving other stars to get their payroll to a level that they feel in manageable. If that were to happen, Stanton could remain in Miami until the trade deadline next season or even the off-season. This would be the worst case for both sides, so expect a deal to be found sooner rather than later.

If a deal can be found with one of Stanton’s preferred teams, they will likely have to take on a big portion of Stanton’s contract. The Cardinals and Giants were both reportedly expected to take on the majority of it in a trade, but it’s less likely that the Dodgers or Yankees would be willing to do the same. For either of them to do it, they would have to unload a bad contract of their own. This wouldn’t be the worst thing for the Marlins if it’s a player on a one year deal, since they they would only have to worry about paying that player for 2018.


Giancarlo Stanton has officially ruled out the Cardinals, per Ken Rosenthal. The news came Friday afternoon that Stanton would not waive his no-trade clause for St. Louis and they are officially out on the slugger! What could this mean for the other teams involved? Does this strengthen the Dodgers chances to sign the reigning MVP? We’ll have to wait and see!

Craig Mish tweeted that the odds shifted heavily in favor of the Dodgers with the Cardinals news!

There’s still no definitive timetable for a Stanton trade, but it could easily happen during the upcoming winter meetings. Where do you think Stanton will be playing next season? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Hey it’s not our money (fans per say) but he WANTS to be a Dodger and if something can be worked out, I am all for him coming to LA, his home town. A consideration is the eventual $60+ million coming off the Dodger payroll books when 2018 is over.

  2. Adrian Gonzalez, Scott Kazmir and maybe one of the Dodgers top prospects for Stanton with salary relief…. maybe Marlins pay 75 million over the life of the contract

  3. Stanton wants to come home. Lets face it. Had the Dodgers had him in the world series we would be champs right now. Think about all the revenue he brings with jersey sales extra fans buying tickets to increase attendance ect. This is a win win all the way around. A lineup of Turner- Stanton- Bellinger. Just solid! No brainer.

  4. This isn’t happening, so here’s the REAL DEAL on how this is going to go down:
    0% Dodgers
    0% Giants
    0% Cardinals
    0% Yankees
    100% Marlins
    And wait for this story to play out again, NEXT YEAR.

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