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Dodgers Rumors: Insider Feels Cody Bellinger’s Status Plays a Part in LA’s Pursuit of Aaron Judge

The Aaron Judge sweepstakes are right around the corner but if the Dodgers want to even begin thinking of making room for Judge they first have to make decisions on their current roster. Trea Turner remains the biggest question for the team but insider David Vassegh believes Cody Bellinger will also play a part in bringing in Judge.

Bellinger did not have the greatest season hitting the ball and is starting to look more like a shell of his former MVP self, but it doesn’t take away from his ability to make plays in center field. However, with a shakeup like bringing Judge to the team, it will move Mookie Betts into second base, which he has been open to playing, but it can also shift Betts to center field.

This is only the beginning of what may come according to Vassegh when speaking on Spectrum Sportsnet Live.

“If for some reason, the Dodgers and Aaron Judge come to some agreement, I don’t believe Mookie Betts plays second base exclusively. Aaron judge, probably gets some days off, some days as a DH. You could also see Mookie going back and forth from second base to the outfield, maybe some days in center field. Who knows what the Dodgers are going to do with Cody Bellinger. There’s a decision to be made with him and I’m sure that is going to play into how this all works out if there are able to land Aaron Judge.”

It still remains highly unlikely for the Dodgers to pull off such a move, but as Vassegh said no one thought the Dodgers would fly to Vegas to meet with Bryce Harper in 2018 and no one thought Freddie Freeman would ever sign with the Dodgers. Crazier things have happened, but some questions will need to be answered first.

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  1. Cody stays Mookie stays in center judge won’t play for dodgers. Get over it judge not great defensively like Mookie.Anyways he chokes in post season

  2. Cut him loose he has proven he will not adjust. He needs to back off the plate by a foot, he can then possibly get to both. A 200 hitter at 19mm Hard Pass.

  3. To much change to get judge ….he either stays a Yankee or giants will open their checkbook

  4. Don’t need Judge in LA. Too much $$. Keep Trea and use Outman or Rios or Taylor to fill OF when #35 is gone.

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