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Dodgers Rumors: Insider Links Carlos Correa to LA’s Offseason Thinking

There’s still plenty of time for Dodgers to make moves and among the question marks heading into the 2023 season remains the landing destination for Trea Turner. Turner has expressed interest in returning to the team but also has been very open of returning to the east coast.

Seemingly it will come down to how much money Turner will get offered with analyst believing he will get offered Corey Seager level money. Aaron Judge also has made the rounds of being a potential suitor for the Dodgers, meaning Turner will inevitably leave, but a new name has surrounded the Dodgers in Carlos Correa

Correa is best known amongst Dodgers fans for the cheating scandal with the Astros in 2017. Correa remains a name booed loudly by Dodgers fans, but the skillset undeniably is there.

If Turner leaves, Correa would be a possible fit to replace the All-Star according to insider (via Jon Heyman, New York Post).

“The Dodgers would surely love to bring him back, as Turner brings a rare speed-power combo to shortstop. But they likely still wonder whether they might be his first choice, and thus are surveying a very rich shortstop market. No surprise they appear to have landed on the other comparably great free-agent shortstop as an enticing 1A choice: Carlos Correa. They love everything he brings, and thus far don’t seem to have 2017 reservations.”

On the season, Correa finished third among shortstops in batting average (.295) one spot behind Turner and matched him with 21 home runs. Of course, Turner still holds the advantage as he led all shortstops in hits (194) and finished second in doubles (39).

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    1. I’m with Russ. Thousands of fans will move elsewhere if cheatin’ Carlos becomes a Dodger. Best bet? Sign TT. If not possible move Lux to SS, Mookie to 2nd. Bring back AJ Pollack for OF.

  1. Correa rejected all the longer term offers last year because they weren’t bigger than Seager’s contract. If the problem is the Dodgers don’t want to exceed a contract value with Turner why do they think Correa will take less this time around? He could go back for the second year of the high aav contract and try again next year. Correa is a prima donna that Houston chose to move on from. If he wasn’t worth the most expensive contract last year it to them why should he be to any team?

  2. I thought Dodgers don’t sign Boras clients. Even Houston passed on Correa when he made it known he wanted a contract bigger than Seager’s. What would change his mind this time?

  3. Just a big NO to Correa. He will never be welcome in Dodger land. I truly hope the management truly gets this. There are other shortstops available including in the farm system. However keeping Trea Turner should be a priority!

  4. No to cheating Trashtro Correa. The Dodgers must stand for integrity!!! It’s too bad that Arenado is, apparently, not opting out of St. Louis. He would be a huge upgrade at 3B. Re-sign Trea Turner and sign Aaron Judge, Move Mookie to CF.

  5. You can’t be serious—Correa would hex the team and infuriate fans!!! The dumbest idea ever…

  6. What are the Dodgers thinking when they would consider bringing Correa to L.A. if they are trying to anger a Dodger fan who has been a fan for 57 years? If so they are doing a great job. They blow the Post Season and now to add insult to injury they want to sign a player who participated in stealing the World Series in 2017 and Correa thought there was nothing wrong with doing that. I don’t want a player who doesn’t know how to play fairly. What message are we communicating to our children when we don’t want them to learn how to play fairly and honestly? That would be clearly communicated if the Dodgers signed Correa.

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