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Dodgers: Tony Gonsolin Returning to the Starting Rotation Next Time Out

For the first time in what seems like forever, the Dodgers have 5 actual starting pitchers in their rotation. They survived the trials of injuries and off-field issues that have plagued their starting staff and finally have guys ready to go for the postseason. 

Sunday was one of those rare days for the Dodgers where they could piggyback Tony Gonsolin rather than lining up a start. With the off-days and keeping guys on normal rest, there was not a need to slot in Tony for a start in that 5th spot. 

Gonsolin pitched 2.1 innings and got hit with 3 runs against the Reds. The Dodgers would eventually go to their bullpen after him to make sure the game didn’t get too close. After the game, Doc evaluated his performance and planned out his near future. 

He got some work in. I thought he was good just kind of finding his rhythm. …overall good. I’m not sure when he lines up next, but when it does, he will be back in the rotation. 

It wasn’t Gonsolin’s best appearance of the year, but that might be the role he is in during the postseason. The Dodgers will likely roll with their best 4 when October comes around, and chances are he gets pushed to the bullpen. 

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But next time out will almost certainly be as a starter for Gonsolin. That could line up to have him pitching against the Diamondbacks in Arizona over the weekend. The Dodgers are set to play 3 games against their NL West counterparts Friday through Sunday. 

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  1. With a five-man rotation again, why would we possibly be carrying 16 pitchers (not that we ever needed that many)? We are very limited in pinch hitters. It just doesn’t make sense. Related to this, McKinstry hit a walk-off homer for OKC yesterday.

    1. Yep, the weakest part of this team ALL YEAR has been the bench. DRRRRRRRRRR’s refuses to acknowledge that Beaty-Lux and Pujols are ( ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL) to this teams chances going forward. DRRRRRRRRR’s by keeping Bellinger, getting rid of Beaty, and keeping Gonsolin is subtraction by subtraction. Gonsolin just isn’t the pitcher he was….He walks too many and then gives it up because he’s behind in the counts. We only need 4 starters for the playoff’s and we have them. Gonsolin can’t be trusted especially when we have Bickford, Knebel, Kelly, Vessia, all able to cover the games that starters would go short innings.

      1. doc knows what’s essential for the Dodgers. Gonso probably ends up in the pen, while Barnes, Pujols, Lux and Ct3 are your pinch hitters. Nothing wrong with that! If you spent a tenth of your time talking about all the good the great 2021 Dodgers team has accomplished this year, you could forgo the constant braying bot doc and Belli. Try it – I dare you

        1. Joe I dare you to justify keeping Bellinger in a line up batting 158, while Beaty and Lux are BY far better options. It may sound like bashing to someone who is docile and blind, but for those that watch every game, know every knuck and cranny of this team and it’s stumbling manager, it’s simply the truth. But take it as bashing if you will, your entitled to your thoughts. But let me warn you, you haven’t seen anything CLOSE to bashing if your boy keeps stumbling and bumbling this 275 million dollar roster into a fall collapse, all because of HIS homer mentality towards his Buddies…….

          1. Heck even Pujols is better then belli and hes like 42 which is why i call him “abuelo albert” and anyway, Albert should play 1st, Move Muncy to 2nd, and Trea turner to CF. It is actually smart imo

  2. Joe you think this is bashing? Just wait until DRRRRRRRRRRRR’s stumbles and bumbles this 275 million dollar roster into spectators this fall, all because he plays his buddies over who is best equipped to help the team. Hopefully you watch every game, and have a chance to witness the stumbling and bumbling of DRRRRRRR. There are plenty of positives to cheer about, but the “Every player is a winner” and the everyone get’s a trophy mantra you deliver here, isn’t reality of how winners are perceived. There’s only 1 champion at the end of all of this, and may the best ” team win” I’d like to say so far in this season, the fans have been accurate with all of the DRRRRR’s bashing because his moves have sent the betterment of the team just as far backwards as forwards. Your opinion is just as important as everyone else on here so I challenge you to give me your take on “WHY” roberts plays Bellinger who has caused many losses to this team, while we are in danger of putting ourselves in almost impossible odds to WIN…….

  3. Joe , when DRRRRRR’s proves most of us wrong, I will most definitely give credit where credit is due. Right now ( If you haven’t noticed) DRRRRRRRR’s is NOT showing that he has a clue how to win this division. By playing a 158 hitter just because he’s a buddy, on the best team in the World is beyond little league managing. We all see that when he wastes the 6-7 spot with bellinger the team struggles to score runs ( as they did in the last loss) by the way Bellinger went 0 for 4, left 4 on base. Matt Beaty plays for the 1st time in 2 months, drives in the games only run and has 2 knocks. A blind monkey can figure out this situation. The Dodgers by record are the #2 team in baseball, they have the luxury to play the D-bags-Rockies-Pads numerous times, but their record against above 500 teams is not as good as a #2 team in baseball should be. Is it? The dodgers record against better teams isn’t that great. But it could be with a better manager is my Opinion. We’ll see what happens, we all want to be #1, not #2 . This isn’t Socialism 101 where everyone get’s a trophy and coming in 2nd was a successful year… Is it?

  4. I just want the Dodgers to right a 22-year wrong and bring back Mike Scioscia……….

  5. Gonsolin not ready for prime time in 2021. If the dodgers score 4 runs, they should win 90% of the games. Urais is excellent for 6 innings, Buehler the same, Max should be good for 7 or 8, Clayton should be good good for 6. Dodgers have 4 food arms in the b.P. before you get to the 8th inning.
    Kelly is the swing man. He is getting better all the time. scoring 3 runs is problematic. 2 runs will be a loss. I place the post season squarely on the shoulders of the offense. Muncy should listen to “Doc” and go back to being more selective and cut way down on K’s

    SW 77

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