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Dodgers Trade Rumors: Is Yasiel Puig on the Trading Block?

The Los Angeles Dodgers head into the 2016 All-Star break after an impressive home stand. The Dodgers hosted their longest home stand of the season winning 7 of their last 10 games. The Dodgers received key pieces back including Yasiel Puig. Since returning from the Disabled List in June, Puig has been impressive for the Dodgers.

However according to’s Ken Rosenthal the Dodgers are said to be considering trading Puig before the non-waiver trade deadline. The deadline is August 1st at 4 p.m. ET. So far this season the outfielder has hit .258/.316/.389 with 7 home runs in 71 games.

“Yes, they will, if they aren’t already. It’s always an interesting discussion around Puig. Is it the right time? Should they do it? Should they not? He’s hitting better since coming off the disabled list.”

“Part of this will depend upon whether Andre Ethier returns and whether they can get another outfielder,” Rosenthal said on FOX Sports 1. “This could be the time where they say, ‘OK, let’s package Puig and do something else, bring back some players in return and see where that goes.”

Ethier is said to return August 2nd along with other key players. The Dodgers most recent trade was for RHP Bud Norris after Clayton Kershaw went down with a back injury.

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Puig has had a new attitude this season and has produced on the field following his return from a hamstring injury.

During Saturday’s win vs. the San Diego Padres, Puig added another highlight to his 2016 reel.

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One of Puig’s biggest plays came after the Dodgers swept the Washington Nationals. Puig stunned his home crowd in a huge way after hitting a single to drive in Howie Kendrick. Puig circled the bases on an error and scored to win the game 4-3.

It took Puig 15.2 seconds to run the bases.

We asked fans on Twitter @DodgersNation if Puig should be traded.

The Dodgers head into the 2016 All-Star Break with a 51-40 record and 6.5 games back behind the San Francisco Giants. While some Dodgers will be participating in the All-Star Game in San Diego, according to his SnapChat Puig is in Las Vegas.

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  1. His trade value is much higher now due to his attitude adjustments. I say do it. We can win without him. Of anyone we might get decent players back for, he’d be my choice to build a package around. I know he’s a fan favorite for a lot of people but you’ve gotta give something to get something.

  2. 2B15Lopes This team is not built at this time to win. Puig is 25 and more talented than any OF on the team right now. Ethier might be coming back,, but will he be at full strength and the Ethier of 2015, or will he be the 2014 version, which was LOUSY!. No thanks, I keep Yasiel, he has more upside than anyone else in the organization. You trade him, he becomes a superstar somewhere else when the Dodgers really need a superstar as a position player.

  3. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. We’ve done the Puig thing now enough to know that the league has figured him out and he’s probably not going to really ever be able to recapture what he was in the beginning offensively. Nobody was calling for them to bring him up louder than me in the beginning, or cheering any louder when he did come up and hit the scene the way he did. For the right pieces I think he’s more valuable in what we’d get in a trade vs what we’ll get from him on the field.

  4. 2B15Lopes We will agree to disagree. I think Yasiel has turned a page, and is starting to see what it takes to be consistent, and productive in the majors. My definition of insanity is trading one of your best players when there is really no need to. Also, I do not trust this front office to get comparable talent in return. So far their trade history is pretty bad. I do not want another Matt Kemp like bad trade for an over rated piece of junk…

  5. 2B15Lopes His attitude adjustments and finally being healthy are why he is more valuable to the team, after ONE bad (injury-plagued) season.  They could get good value out of Pederson, who has probably shown us the best he’s got.

  6. 2B15Lopes The last month or so, he’s looked like he’s figured the league out right back.  That’s all you can expect a good player to do.  Keep making adjustments.  SMH at trading Puig after one bad season and a slump.  Too much talent.

    Still waiting for Joc to make his first adjustment.

  7. IL take giancarlo Stanton for him that’s the only player I’d make the trade for

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