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Dodgers: Trevor Bauer’s Administrative Leave Changed Again

The Dodgers had to go out and address a big issue over the offseason. With so much uncertainty surrounding their starting rotation, getting free agent veteran arms was at the top of Andrew Friedman’s wishlist. That led to signings like Andrew Heaney and Tyler Anderson over the offseason. 

But the lingering doubt about Trevor Bauer is still a huge issue. The Dodgers pitcher ahs been on administrative leave since last Summer after an incident with a woman arose and the Pasadena Police Department investigated. But there were no charges against him, leaving MLB to their own investigation with how to proceed. 

When the league ended its lockout, Bauer’s leave was extended into April. It would have been up early last week, but they appear to have adjusted it once again. Per Jon Heyman, MLB and the MLBPA have agreed to extend the Dodgers’ pitchers’ leave until April 22nd

At his point, there is no telling what direction the league will go with its decision. We’re closing in on almost a year since the original report came out about Bauer, and still nothing from the league indicating that they are close to making a decision. Meanwhile, the Dodgers just have to wait. 

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There is also the added complication of an appeal process. If Bauer is suspended by the league, there is no reason to believe that he would not appeal that. He has claimed his innocence throughout the process and accepting the suspension does not seem like something he would want to do. But until then, the Dodgers cannot do a single thing. 

Trevor Bauer Leave Extended, When Will MLB Make Decision on Bauer? What’s Next For Dodgers?

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  1. Sadly the Dodgers are still on the hook for his salary and penalties associated with their salary limits. At the very least Bauer’s salary should be removed from all salary ceiling calculations.

  2. This is another example of the inability of MLB to get its act together. If he was found not guilty, why do they continue to delay the process and try to keep him from doing the job he was given a contract to do? I believe that some of this goes back to the comments he made earlier last year about the use of substances to grip the ball better.
    MLB has attempted to curb that by inspecting the hats and gloves of pitches as they come off the field between innings. He would be subject to the same treatment if he were allowed to pitch.
    Let the man pitch. The Dodgers need his arm in the rotation. He needs to keep his mouth under control and do his job.

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