Dodgers: Which Los Angeles Players Will Make All-Star Team?

This is a great year for the Dodgers to be hosting the All-Star Game. Not only is California weather always beautiful and the perfect setting for baseball, but this current team is full of stars that could make that NL roster. The question is, which ones will get in?

Recently, we talked about which Dodgers we felt should get in. But there was a catch. We could only pick 4 current players who we felt deserved to be in the All-Star Game this year, and it was incredibly tough to figure out which ones. 

Who do you agree with? Drop into the comments with your 4 Dodgers players that you think deserve the nod this year.

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At least one MLB writer thinks that Clayton Kershaw not only should be in the All-Star Game this year but that he should be starting. It would be fitting, given that the Dodgers are hosting and he has never started a Mid-Summer Classic before. But do the number of innings under his belt currently warrant the nod?

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Dodgers: MLB Writer Argues That Clayton Kershaw Deserves the All-Star Game Start


  1. Gonsolin should get the selection and the start, along with Will Smith, Trea Turner and Freddie Freeman. Mookie, like Kershaw has missed too much of the season to be fairly considered

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