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MLB Insider Proposes Dodgers Trade 2 Top Pitching Prospects for Tyler Glasnow

The Los Angeles Dodgers are on the market for a top-notch starting pitcher. LA is rumored to be in on many of the top pitchers available this offseason, and once again, another pitcher has been added to the list.

According to MLB insider Mark Feinsand, it is believed that two executives think the Tampa Bay Rays will move their right-handed ace, Tyler Glasnow.

Amid the news released by Feinsand, MLB insider for Bleacher Report Zachary Rymer listed the 10 best landing spots for the righty pitcher, and your Los Angeles Dodgers came in at No. 1 on this list. Here’s what the potential package looks like.

Trade Proposal: Los Angeles Dodgers get RHP Tyler Glasnow; Tampa Bay Rays get RHP Nick Frasso, RHP Landon Knack

via Bleacher Report

The price for Glasnow is not as high as some others on the market considering his age (30), injury history and the fact that he’s only under contract for the 2024 season. However, no one is filthier than the righty pitcher when he is on the mound. Although he has not made an All-Star team throughout his eight-year career, Glasnow is as good as any top pitcher in this league.

The Dodgers would be giving up two of their top pitching prospects, but they have an influx of pitching in the minor leagues, and at some point, will need to move them for win-now assets. LA can easily replace those products in a short amount of time, and their need for an ace is vital.

If the Dodgers can somehow trade for Glasnow, it would immediately bolster the rotation. As we all know, that was the death of the Dodgers in 2023, and with Glasnow in there along with Walker Buehler, Bobby Miller, and another top-notch pitcher, the Boys in Blue would be in prime position for title No. 8.

That’s all that matters in 2024, and it will not get done with rejuvenation projects or young guys. Glasnow isn’t the only option; the Dodgers front office has options, and we’ll see who they truly have their eye on in the coming weeks.

Would you do this proposed trade for Glasnow? Sound off in the comments below!

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  1. Nah. With a 25 mil Arb projection… They would be better off going after a free agent pitcher that stays healthier. If they miss out on Yamamoto then go after Imanaga. Quality pitcher just not as young as Yamamoto.

    1. The $25 million is the amount of the last year of his multi-year contract. Tampa Bay does not want to pay him $25 million – it set up his contract knowing that they would deal him away for 2024. It is not arbitration. It seems a little high, but not outrageous for what he can do as a starter. It is hard to give up two prospects who might turn out to be rotation pitchers someday, but if the Dodgers want to go all in with Ohtani, Betts, Freeman, then it is worth doing.

  2. Would rather get Corbin Burnes (and Willy Adames) if they’re going the trade route for an SP.

  3. Did a 2 hour search about Dodgers pitcher trade, compared ones, one better, then another comparison, one better…when done with 4, Glasnow was 2nd…Burnes the best! I would want to trade with both, include other top prospects and maybe Dodgers player(s) too.

  4. Spent hours yesterday (29th) for Dodgers trade for pitching, compared 5, each compared to each, ages, stats at same age, like said, hours. Glasnow beat few, then Burnes…#1 easy.Gladnow in 2nd…would love to get both, Kershaw 3rd, Buehler 4th, Miller 5th .then Kershaw away, ones not traded the 5th, Miller the 3rd then!

  5. I’m all for raiding the AAA stockspile. Many strong players in OKC that have played in the bigs, this year alone! Bait! ?

    How can you predict the year with players involved in the swap?

    Who runs your new draft? No way it should be the same old, same old grab for annual rehab projects .. especially with limps.

  6. Yamamoto #1 on list then get a Burns and Adames in a trade would be interesting but won’t hold my breath

  7. I say nay to this. Why give up 2 good prospects for an overpriced pitcher that’s gonna be broken muchbof the time? And only for 1 year. We’ve had our share of injuries. Nope.

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