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MLB News: Lockout Affecting Steroid Testing

There’s been a bevy of intended consequences from the MLB lockout, but one unintended consequence came to light on Monday. For the first time in almost 20 years, MLB players are not being tested for steroids. That being said, minor league players are still currently being tested for PEDs.

When the CBA expired on December 1st, baseball’s Joint Drug Program went with it. Which of course, includes the rules that prohibit MLB players from using steroids and testing them to ensure compliance.

The CEO of USADA (U.S. Anti-Doping Agency), Travis Tygart, raised the alarm this past Monday.

“It should be a major concern to all those who value fair play.”

Predictably, both MLB and the MLBPA declined to comment on the matter.

Tygart warned of the potential dangers of the hiatus on steroid testing. He believes it could impact the integrity of the 2022 season.

“If it’s just a simple matter of agreeing to it…so that when the game does restart, you don’t have questions hanging over individual players based on size, speed, batting percentage, home run numbers, whatever it may be, that people are going to call into question again.”

The ceasing of steroid testing could not come at a worse time. In January, Hall-of-Fame voters once again did not elect Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens to Cooperstown. Seemingly, for their outsized roles in baseball’s infamous Steroid Era.

Besides cancelling regular games, the last thing the sport of baseball needs is the second coming of the Steroid Era.

For a league that can’t get anything right at the moment, the time is now to mitigate any future steroid controversy.

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