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Carlos Correa Rumors: MLB Analyst Says Enigmatic Shortstop ‘Fits Well’ With Dodgers

Like every MLB team, the Dodgers will have a shortstop in 2023. Unlike about 25 teams, though, we have no idea who that shortstop will be for Los Angeles. They have internal options like Gavin Lux, Chris Taylor, or even Jacob Amaya, and there are trade possibilities like Willy Adames. And, of course, there are still two big free agents on the board in Dansby Swanson and Carlos Correa.

There have been reports that L.A. won’t be in on Correa because of his role on the 2017 Astros who cheated to steal the World Series from the Dodgers. But on MLB Network’s Intentional Talk, analyst and former big leaguer Kevin Millar thinks Correa and the Dodgers are a good fit.

In a segment they called “Carlito’s Way,” Adnan Virk asked Kevin Millar which “Carlito” — Carlos Rodon or Correa — would fit in better with the Dodgers.

“It’s hard because Rodon fits everywhere. You could put him on every team we’re gonna talk about. But I will tell you this: Correa fits in with the Dodgers. They need— I mean, Trea Turner, he was the man, my dad’s a Dodger fan, he wanted him to come back, if anybody. But at the end of the day, Carlos Correa’s the guy that would fit in nice with the Dodgers lineup. Bellinger’s gone, we know he had a little off-year but he’s on a one-year deal with the Cubbies. But now you’re looking at Trea Turner with the Phils, Correa slots right in. So that Carlito fits well, in my opinion, with that Dodger blue. And I don’t want to hear any Dodger fans talking about ’17, stop. Stop with that nonsense.”

Millar laughingly dismisses the concerns about Correa being part of the cheaters, and while there are legitimate concerns from a lot of fans, he’s probably right to assume all that really matters is how well he plays on the field. Millar knows about this firsthand a little bit — during the players’ strike in 1994-95, Millar was a replacement player and was therefore barred from membership in the union throughout his 12-year big-league career when he made the majors three years later. He understands that while some people hold grudges, most people only care if you can help a team win a World Series, which Millar did with the Red Sox in 2004.

There’s no question Correa would be a great fit for the Dodgers from a baseball standpoint. The only question is whether the front office will pull the trigger and make a deal.

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Jeff Snider

Jeff was born into a Dodgers family in Southern California and is now raising a Dodgers family of his own in Utah. During his previous career as an executive at a technology company, he began writing about baseball in his spare time. After leaving corporate America in 2014, he started doing it professionally. Jeff wrote and edited for Baseball Essential for years before joining Dodgers Nation. He's also the co-host of the Locked On Dodgers podcast, a daily podcast that brings the smart fan's perspective on our Boys in Blue. Jeff has a degree in English from Brigham Young University. Favorite Player: Clayton Kershaw Favorite Moment: Kirk Gibson's homer will always have a place, but Kershaw's homer on Opening Day 2013 might be the winner.


  1. Here we go going thru the same thing( in my Portrait voice 90’s male R&B group). Stop it just stop it!

  2. The thing that kills me is…these players do dirt or have done dirt, cheated & talk sh!t @fterwards still no remorse whatsoever..( here’s finga pointing @ you CarlosCorrea) then expect to come here an get rewarded. Where the H.E.double hockey sticks they do that @ I’d like to know. This organization I been rooting for since I was 12 are getting soft.

  3. The Dodgers are blowing smoke by blaming the fans. They aren’t going to pay what it takes to sign Correa and Boras. Get used to it Julio is a Boras client as well. Do you really think they will pay 400 million over 10 years to Ohtani?

  4. All the talk seems to be abut Ohtani —– next year. Just because he MIGHT be a free agent does not mean the Dodgers will sign him. Odds are they won’t. Also, he will be thirty years old during the 2024 season and Friedman, except for first basemen, does not give long term contracts to thirty year old players. Btw, has everyone forgotten that Juan Soto will be a free agent after next season? He is much younger than Ohtani. We have this season to get thru and I believe that with his track record, AF will put another contending team on the field. It is over three months until the 2023 season starts. For now, just be patient. “In Friedman We Trust”.

  5. Dodger ownership realizes that that they can enhance their personal wealth even to a Greater Degree by lying to their loyal fan base & feeding them this line of bull about “sustainability” – wake up fans, were being Bilked !!

  6. Writers/insiders just keep it up with this Correa a great fit in LA. They think by continuously mentioning CC, Dodgers fans will eventually give in to this absurd idea. NO, NO, NO. We’ll do well with Swanson, Adames, or Lux at SS.

  7. Let it play out. Blue wants under the cap & rightfully so. Padres have spent crazy. Let’s welcome that change. When the pressure shifts on them they will probably choke & we will have the last laugh…?

  8. Let it play out. Blue wants under the cap & rightfully so. Padres have spent crazy. Let’s welcome that change. When the pressure shifts on them they will probably choke & we will have the last laugh…?

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