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Dodgers Rumors: Freddie Freeman Could Play a Key Role in Dansby Swanson’s Future

The shortstop market continues to fly off with Trea Turner being the biggest name to leave. Of course, this comes at the demise of the Dodgers who keep adding more needs to their roster and perhaps Dansby Swanson can be the answer.

Swanson spent his entire seven year career with the Braves and has slowly made a name for himself. Although he isn’t a huge splash guy like Carlos Correa or Xander Bogaerts, Swanson can fill in nicely for the team as a much cheaper option and one guy that can help endorse Swanson is Freddie Freeman.

The newly acquired All-Star proved once again why the Dodgers went after such sought out talent in Freeman. The first 12 years of Freeman’s baseball career came at the hands of the Braves paving the way of his already illustrious career and perhaps can be the lending hand to bring Swanson to the Dodgers (via MLB Network).

“I look at Dansby, I just wrote down Dodgers. That’s the best fit. You know why? He’s got Freddie Freeman over there saying, ‘I’m telling you guys about this guy every day.’ … I love Dansby to the Dodgers, that makes a lot of sense to me.”

The Dodgers have a history of moving guys around, but it is also evident the one position they don’t tend to move around is shortstop. Turner played everyday at shortstop so if the team chooses to go down the same path once again, Swanson can be the guy to play everyday shortstop.

It’s a step down, but it can shift focus to other positions of need with the much needed improvement at the position.

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  1. He’s a Gold Glove winner and would be extremely valuable for next year’s defensive changes. Right now he’s your best value for the money at SS. He also was ranked tops on hitting high heaters at high exit velocity…..which pitchers are throwing more of. Most of the Dodgers were not effective on the high fastballs because of the looping launch swinging, either missing under the ball or letting it pass as strikes.

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