Cody Bellinger Rumors: MLB Insider Shares Who’s Targeting the Outfielder

Cody Bellinger became a free agent last week when the Dodgers non-tendered him, and it appears he’s generated quite a bit of interest due to his youth and immense talent. The enthusiasm is surely tempered by the fact that Bellinger has been terrible the last two years, but it looks like several teams will be willing to bet at least some amount on Bellinger regaining the magic that gave him a Rookie of the Year at 22 years old and an MVP at 24.

MLB insider Jon Heyman has his ear to the ground as it related to Bellinger, and he’s hearing quite a bit of interest.

“I have heard Bellinger connected with the Cubs. Bellinger certainly would fit the White Sox. I’ve heard him with Astros, Jays, Cubs, I’m sure the Yankees, as well, would be interested in Bellinger.”

That’s five teams interested in Bellinger, along with the Dodgers and Giants we already knew about. Scott Boras, Belli’s agent, said the other day they’ve received more that one multi-year offer but prefer a one-year deal to allow Bellinger to regain some value and hit the market again as a 28-year-old next offseason.

Money will obviously be a factor for Bellinger. Presumably, he’s also quite interested in which organization can help him regain his MVP form the best. It’s an interesting free agent case, as Bellinger and any interested team will really be trying to convince each other they’re the right fit; more often, it’s either, it’s either a player trying to convince a team or a team trying to convince a player, not both.

Bellinger will have options. Where he ends up will be fascinating.

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