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Dave Roberts Discusses Walker Buehler and Corey Seager after Dodgers Loss

To say the least, the Los Angeles Dodgers’ 11-7 loss to finish up a four-game sweep in St. Louis on Thursday was not a banner day for the organization.

First, Walker Buehler got knocked around a little bit. The youngster was tagged for five earned runs and chased after four innings. Furthermore, this is not the Walker Buehler we have all become accustomed to seeing.

Moreover, Corey Seager left the ballgame early after being hit by a pitch. Surely, Seager has been victim to the injury bug in the early parts of his career.

Dave Roberts joined SportsNet LA after the game to give his thoughts on both players.

When asked about Buehler’s performance on the mound, Roberts was frank. Especially in regards to the troublesome second inning in which Buehler allowed four of his runs.

“He just didn’t have command of really any of his pitches in that [fourth] inning. First inning, very good and efficient obviously with that 3-2 strikeout. From the second inning on – the glove-side fastball that he usually commands, the cutter, the change, the breaking ball, he just didn’t have the command or feel. In the fourth inning, he found it. Unfortunately, when you’re through four innings and at 85 pitches after throwing 70 the start before; there’s nothing else you can do.”

Roberts remarked despite being swept, this was the first game he felt on the pitching and defense that the Dodgers didn’t play well.

Finally, Roberts was asked about the severity of Seager’s injury. Right now, it’s being diagnosed as a hamstring contusion.

“He flushed it out with treatment after that hit-by-pitch. I just talked to him and he said that it feels better. You get on the flight home and obviously with altitude you have to see how it responds to that. Tomorrow we will know more, but it’s a good thing that at least he said it felt better.”

Hopefully, this remains a day-to-day situation for Seager who tallied two hits and a walk before his exit.

Finally, it’s easy to think that the Dodgers are going to be able to call April 11th one of the toughest days of the season. Or so we hope.

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  1. Did Roberts say that Buehler was getting better but he was at the 85 pitch mark? And that’s a problem because in his last start he threw 70 pitches? No wonder we lose games in the late innings. Come on Dave, let the kids play! Those aren’t high pitch counts, Buehler could have gone another inning and left with 100 pitches and THEN turned it over to the bullpen. Once a guy is warmed up already, if he is pitching good, let him keep going.

  2. The FO has a formula. Part of that formula is Roberts following orders. That simple. The funny thing is, all of MLB already know the Dodgers’ formula. The opposition knows in advance what they will do, so it’s a matter of the Dodgers overcoming what the other teams knows they will do. This F.O. and Roberts are so predictable, that if they were generals in a war, they would never survive past the first day of battle.

      1. Yes it’s all true what Mike and Daniel both said here. It’s Andy and his puppet Roberts running the show doing the same ole things over and over and over again expecting better results and it just won’t happen. And IMHO, if they keep this up we will not have to worry about October baseball AT ALL!

  3. And clearly the Dodgers may have gotten by with a win if they had better relievers.

  4. Once again the spineless Dodgers do nothing after a team purposely injuries a star player. They needed to take out DeJong or Martinez with a fastball to the ribs

  5. Clint may I ask you or anyone here how much longer does one think the Dodgers should keep running Garcia and Baez out there for relief pitching?
    Haven’t we seen enough games already lost by the BP and especially those 2?

    1. Baez, I would stick with for a while. I thought he was one of the better relievers in baseball last year down the stretch and in the postseason. He seems to start slowly. Yimi, well he’s used up 8 of 9 lives it seems. Another rough outing or two?

  6. Dodgers do not have a qualified pitcher in their entire pitching staff. They are either on the disabled list or more comminky ready for the minir leagues, Three years ago, the Dodgers ruined Urias by outching and convirting him beyond his ability. He will never be a too_knotch pitcher. Maeda is soft, has a very slow fast ball. And would better serve in the pen for this year, The Dodgers had ample chances to beef up their pitching, but they chose to add players to the roster so Riberts xan play his mathematical oribabilities at the plate. First class gamble first rate error.

  7. Time for a players coach not a yes man with no creativity. I’ve been a fan since ers Parker & koufax. This is one of the least creative coaches besides Mattingly that this organization has ever had. We need a # 1 pitcher and a players coach with imagination& a risk taker to bring life to this team & the fans. I haven’t seen a squeeze of even a safety squeeze in the playoffs or regular season in a long while.

    1. I think its best for the dodgers to just step aside and lay down for a real contender to win this year. Just like they did with Boston and at the least save the fan base from being ridiculed. Everybody loves to hate LA. We are the city of looser’s right now and our hater’s love it.

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