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Dave Roberts Provides Updates on Injured Dodgers, Including Corey Seager

Dave Roberts went on MLB Network Radio on Friday afternoon to talk through the current state of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Of course, the questions led to the current health status of three key players in limbo.

First, Roberts talked about Clayton Kershaw and any concern he has for his lack of velocity. Kershaw is slated to make his first start of the season on Monday after two rehab starts.

Moreover, Roberts didn’t seem too concerned with where Kershaw’s velocity sits currently.

“When you’re pitching in a Major League game, you’re trying to get outs. The number one thing with Clayton is the fastball command and sequencing. So would it be great to see a ‘3’ and a ‘4’ up there (93-94 MPH)? Yes. But when you see 90 located and you’re mixing in your change, you’re going to get Major League hitters out. So I definitely think there is too much made on the velocity.”

Next, Roberts spoke about the status of Corey Seager, and Hyun-Jin Ryu.

It doesn’t sound like Seager will play. Roberts emphasized that Seager has been receiving treatment for his bruised hamstring and is getting some blood flow to the injured area. While Seager may not be in the lineup on Friday evening, he will be ‘soon’.

Definitely, the most optimistic part of the segment was that Roberts says Hyun-Jin Ryu may be ahead of schedule. Roberts says that the team is optimistic about plugging him back into the rotation after some throwing sessions and a bullpen. Therefore, the injury might not be as severe as first thought.

Finally, Roberts says that Julio Urias won’t necessarily be on a certain number pitch count tonight.

In a perfect world, Roberts would like to see Urias get through five or six innings against the Brewers. Still, he emphasized that the Dodgers’ bullpen is rested, so he would see how the game played out.

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  1. I think the Dodgers need another veteran pitcher. Kershaw and Hill are hurt and we don’t know what we are going to get in them. Whatever happen to the Cory Kluber deal and Dallas Keichel is still out there. We have young pitchers that need some time before they can go between 5 & 7 innings. You know what they say ‘Good Pitching Beat Good Hitting’.

  2. Now Seager…again. This team has a disproportionate number of injured players every year. Something is wrong…again. Perplexing when you consider that just about everyone plays less and less each year the Dodgers employ the platoon approach to every game. We never get a straight answer about this. It’s almost like politicians anymore.

  3. Clint – your post(s) each day are the one(s) most worth reading. Can you answer a question occasionally?

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