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Dave Roberts on Dodgers’ Struggling Hitters: ‘I’m Gonna Keep Running Them Out There’

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The Los Angeles Dodgers have hit their low point of the 2024 season after falling 2-0 to the Washington Nationals on Wednesday. Their lineup mustered just five hits, including three from Shohei Ohtani, as the Dodgers simply could not get anything done offensively.

While the Dodgers were renowned for their lineup coming into the season — especially the trio of Ohtani, Freddie Freeman, and Mookie Betts — the bottom of their lineup has cost them at times, particularly when the “MV3” isn’t on its A-game.

James Outman, Gavin Lux and Chris Taylor in particular have had a hard time producing for the Dodgers. Outman has hit .193, but has also hit two home runs. Lux has yet to find much of a groove at all, hitting .148 with no home runs and just two RBIs. Taylor is only hitting .029 with one RBI.

Still, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts is far from giving up on these players. While the Dodgers have already called up Andy Pages to try and boost the back end of the lineup, they plan to continue giving time to these other hitters, including Outman.

“They’re grinding. They’re in it. It’s certainly not for a lack of preparation. Each day is a new day or effort. Right now it’s just not happening for these guys. I think right now we’re bunching them all together. But there’s a few guys that are really trying to find their way. I think James is really starting to find his swing. The last week I think he’s been taking some really good swings. But, there’s some other guys that are still scuffling. I hate to make too much out of 40 at-bats. Obviously they’re gonna get better and it’s who we have and I’m gonna keep running them out there.”

— Dodgers manager Dave Roberts

The team will more than just three hitters to pick up the offensive load. After coming into the season as World Series favorites, the Dodgers have lost five of their last seven games. They’ve fallen to a 12-9 record, and will want to turn this around quickly.

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    1. Nah, more likely Roberts will let Taylor bat cleanup or lead off as when Bellinger continued in his slump few years ago.

  1. Hitting coaches need to get back to the drawing board. Their philosophy is not cutting it of launching. Too many over swinging especially with two strikes. Get back to the basics of top hand, gap to gap, barrel flat to the ball and squaring up.
    Or guys need to change the mojo, like shaving the face clean, trimming the hair or dyeing it, different celebration on base hits, or anything that can change the mana in the clubhouse.

  2. Same ol’ story with Dave Roberts. It’s obvious this guy does not know how to coach a championship caliber team in a full season. I’m a Dodgers die hard fan, but as long as he is coaching this team we will be disappointed once again come playoffs.

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