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Dodgers: Cody Bellinger Oddly Back in the Lineup Tonight

The Dodgers were supposed to be giving Cody Bellinger some time off. In the middle of a wildly terrible 0-for-24 slide, Dave Roberts admitted Friday that they were giving Belli time off. Doc also said that Bellinger would NOT be in the lineup on Saturday after getting Friday night off as well. 

That proved to be relatively inaccurate. The Dodgers released their lineup for Saturday’s game, and Belli was right there in the 7th spot and playing out in centerfield. That was a little different than the game plan that Roberts had previously laid out. 

So what happened? Well, the best guess seems to be an issue with Chris Taylor. Roberts had noted on Friday that the Dodgers utilityman was dealing with a neck issue, and he is out of the lineup the following day. 

So for the moment, the Dodgers will go back to Belli out in center. Hopefully, that day off will allow him a little bit of time to reset and get things locked in. He will face off against Chris Paddack, a guy that he only has 1 career hit off of in 11 attempts. 

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The Dodgers will throw Walker Buehler on Saturday, and they’ll also have Gavin Lux in the outfield once again. They brought up Lux on Friday night to patrol the outfield which sort of went hand-in-hand with Bellinger being sat. 

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  1. LIAR!!! Roberts is a liar. Disgusting. I don’t think I”m going to even bother watching tonight. I am absolutely disgusted with him. Chris is probably more hurt than we know, but the insanity of it all is getting to be too much.

  2. Bellinger hit a single in Batting practice , so Dave Roberts is completely convinced he’s snapped out of his MLB record slumps, and Bellinger will now be batting 7th, playing center field, announcing the game, consulting the GM, awarded 1/9 share holders stock of the team, and singing the National Anthem and throwing out the 1st pitch…….

    1. LOL!! Belli (BA .158) has got some kind of spell over Roberts. Once more, today’s Dodger lineup has a dead spot: Belli hitting 7th, Lux (BA .220) hitting 8th and the pitcher’s spot on 9th. Beaty (BA .262) is on the bench!! Roberts is betting that Buehler’s pitching and the rest of the lineup will offset this weak spot in their lineup. We all hope so.

    2. Also selling peanuts in the stands, which could be his next full time job if he doesn’t learn how to swing a bat this off-season.

    3. I think it may be time for Bellinger to go the alternative site and learn how to pitch. He is hitting like a relief pitcher right now already, why not?

  3. What the bleep? Ok, if Taylor is out put Beaty in the friggin lineup. I guess I do see Roberts logic in that they don’t want to put Betts in center because of his hip and Beaty couldn’t handle centerfield. Neither could Souza.
    It just seems Roberts looks for excuses to put Bellinger in the lineup and Beaty out of it.
    Oh well. What worries me though is that let’s say on accident Bellinger runs into a fastball and hits it out, or even just a double, then we will have to her Roberts say Bellinger is back and he starts the next 10 games and goes 0-35.

  4. I give up some people are just to arrogant to learn or change. Go Giants so we can finally get this manager replaced. Roberts can’t manage the all stars to a win, and with the best group of talent in mlb fails every year but one on a short season. Wake up front office Mr Rogers isn’t the answer.

      1. As it turns out Bellinger took a walk (Miracle) and scored on Lux double. One thing Cody can do is run, he was cookin to score that run…. Lux had a 2 hit night , can’t say what it was like having a call up deliver, seems like it’s been years…..NO more Mckinney!!!!! They’re dancing in the streets of L.A.

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