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Dodgers: Expect to See More of Mookie Betts Leading Off Over Trea Turner

Dodgers fans have probably noticed a change in the lineup over the past week. With the offense struggling to get going, Doc admitted he was going to move some pieces around to jumpstart things. One of those moves came at the top. 

Since the acquisition of Trea Turner, the Dodgers have consistently gone with him at the leadoff spot. When Mookie Betts returned from a hip injury, he slotted into the 3-hole whenever he has been in the lineup. 

But that changed this past week. The Dodgers went with Mookie at the top and Turner in the 3-spot, and it sounds like that could be a new thing. Doc said before Friday’s win that they expect to go with that order for some time. 

I just think we’re going to stay with that for a while. It’s nothing that has to be set in stone, but we’re going to give it a run. I think that Mookie, I like the way that he sees more pitches. His DNA is to get on base, and I think that dynamic of getting on base sets things up for everyone else in the order. Trea is a much more free swinger, gets on by way of getting hits. 

Trea does have a tendency to hit for more power and extra-bases. But funny enough, both superstars have an almost identical OPS. The biggest difference is Mookie’s elevated on-base percentage over Turner’s higher slug. That’s part of the reason the Dodgers want Mookie at the top, to get on base. 

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You really can’t go wrong with either guy at the top. Turner is batting a little better at the leadoff spot in terms of average, but the combination of the 2 makes for a great lineup regardless. Put them anywhere, and they’re going to make things happen. 

Now the offense just needs a jumpstart. 

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  1. Aaaaaaaand, you just can’t make this up….

    One day, ONE DAY, after saying Belli is going to get a ‘time out’ for a few days, Roberts has him in the starting lineup today, along with our 2nd/SS guy (Lux) playing in LF….. wow, just w.o.w.

    Roberts has something up his a** regarding Beaty….

    BTW, Giants winning big again today…. going into tonights game, we will be 3 out.

    Is Roberts getting paid by the Giants/Kapler under the table?

    1. Unbelievable how BAD Roberts is managing this club! I hope he at least talked it over with Trea also. But I get the feeling Trea will bolt after 2022 in part because of Roberts. WE NEED A NEW MANAGER for 2022!

      1. Paul, just was going to comment on Trea possibly wanting to leave. He gets moved out of his natural position and now no longer leads off ??? What the heck? When Trea leads off (and no outs) and gets on base he creates pressure on the pitcher because of his ability to steal. When he does get on 2nd he creates even more pressure because of his ability to score from 2nd so the pitcher has to be extremely careful pitching to the batter. Not a good way for a pitcher to start a game. Probably won’t see Max either. Wonder how all the players truly feel with the way this team is going. Was utter insanity in having Lux play in the outfield over Beaty. That’s Robert for us. Has a doctorates degree in stupidity

        1. Dodgrrglenn, I am at a lost to explain the reason for dumb Roberts putting Lux in LF over Beaty. After all Beaty may not be a gold glove but he can hit and as of now is better offensively than Lux. I just can’t believe what Roberts is doing here with this Lux experiment in the OF at THIS TIME during a race for division. Only possible thought I’d have is Dodgers have conceited the NL WESTtitle to the Giants and figures he’s got a lock on the # 1 wild card spot. IDK what else to say…..

        2. Upper Management will have A LOT of explaining to do to TT.

          We lose Seager, we might lose Turner….


          Andrew, you’ve got some ‘splainen’ to do….

    2. Last I checked it was 15 to 3 Giants in 9th. We are not going to get help from that hapless Cubs team. It’s seriously time to say goodbye to a 9th straight NL WEST title. IIWII.

  2. Roberts now is un true to his word! Folks, dumb Roberts has Bellinger in the lineup batting 7th ahead of Lux. This after he said Bellinger would get a few days off. SMH. I honestly don’t know how any of us or some of the players themselves could trust him.

  3. Unbelievable that Bellinger is back in the lineup…but….is it really when we think about all of the other compromised decisions made? Despite the continuation of playing nonsense ball, I am hoping, against all hope maybe, that the Dodgers continue to get through the Padres for a sweep. Best case scenario is that the Padres, in turn, will get hungry enough for that #2 Wild Card that they bring their “A” game against the Giants and break through what seems to be the invincible.

    1. Coming soon to a Dodger starting lineup in the near future…..

      Starting in Center Field:


      Against a RH starting pitcher no less…. Go Dave Go! Just Dave (a Karen), tryin’ to ‘shake things up!’

      While I’m at it, here is a suggestion for a high leverage game and a ‘go-to’ lineup:

      1st – Kenley Jansen (big body to block all errant throws)
      2nd – That Sousa dude
      SS – Cody Bellinger
      3rd – Mookie Betts
      LF – Austin Barnes
      CF – Albert Pujols (GREAT coverage)
      RF – Max Muncy
      C – Trea Turner
      P – Justin Turner

      Dave needs to keep his great starting pitchers in the BP in order to close the game!

      A little humor goes a long way in the darkest of times….

        1. Hey Paul!

          lol – I need a bench coach! Any changes?????

          I really struggled on a few of the positions, HELP!


    2. Barb, Roberts indicated CT3 is dealing with a little neck issue. so he’s getting a day which explains Bellinger’s return. I just wish there was another player besides Bellinger to play CF if CT3 is out of action.

      1. we have 3 Cy Young candidates going this weekend against the pods. All we have to do is outscore them. and we need to give CT some time off to get that neck better. It’s Ok if we don’t win the division, at some point you have to give the team with everyone back a chance to get healthy. I like our WC chances against the pods or reds with Scherzer pitching at the ravine. Then its on to the division playoffs. No problem- RELAX, and enjoy the last 3 weeks of 2021 Dodger baseball regular season

  4. Stupidity deserves to be punished, just as any crime does. It’s obvious Roberts isn’t able to figure out how to strategize the talent he’s been given. The Dodgers have the record they do in spite of Roberts, not because of Roberts. His actions seem to show a lack of a coherent thought process, let alone a fundamental understanding of where a player’s skill set is best situated in a lineup. I hope I’m wrong, but at this rate I’ll be surprised if they make it out of the first round of the playoffs, not including a one game playoff, which is a crap shoot. But then again, that’s what Roberts seems to be doing these days; rolling the dice.

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