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Dodgers: Dave Roberts, Max Muncy Comment on LA’s Crucial Win over the Colorado Rockies

Despite the Dodgers still being in 2nd place, you’ve got to admire September baseball. While other division races have long been settled, the wild NL West is still a two-horse race. It’s seemed the Dodgers could never catch a break as the Giants have found ways to win and spoil many chances for the Dodgers to gain ground. 

However, after Los Angeles emerged victorious, the Giants wound up losing and moved the Dodgers back to within a game of 1st place. Not only that, but the win should prove to be a moral booster and serve as a reminder that this ball club can still fight to the very end.

Dave Roberts commented on just how important of a win it was for his team.

“It was a big one. We always say in baseball that every win is big, but where we’re at, nine games left, it’s a big one. It was just a contribution from so many guys.” 

One of those guys was Max Muncy. After Trea Turner tied up the game in the top of the 9th, Muncy then stepped up to the plate and hit a go-ahead two-run home run, his 35th of the year, to deep center field. That would prove to be all that was needed as Blake Treinen came in to close things out and seal the win. Muncy also talked about the impact a come from being win can work in their favor. 

“Something like that can have momentum. We know we’re a great team, we know we can comeback from any situation, and we know we can win any game. Sometimes when you have a come from behind win like that, it reaffirms it and gets it fresh in people’s minds. It can really affect the next couple of games.”

With only 9 more games left on the schedule and 1 game separating the Giants and Dodgers, they’ll need all the momentum they can get in order to launch themselves past San Francisco and avoid the Wild Card game with the St. Louis Cardinals. 

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  1. in every season there are moments that you remember that are a turning point.down to their last strike,finding a way to win,this was such a moment.

  2. Rick Monday stated the Dodgers must score early and Scherzer will hold them , well as the day before with Buehler pitching ,the Dodgers scored early 3 runs to be exact, (lost or tied for lead when being ahead) so what I am saying is with these fine pitchers nothing can positively be guaranteed ! I hope that the tremendous comeback the Dodger had , sets the table for better outcomes , gives them the positive confidence back that was taken away in of losses of previous games . Hopefully the Giants long stretch of good outcomes has come to an end !

  3. Absolutely agree with Johnny. Moreover, I believe that our Dodgers will fight for this Division (which winning, despite rhetoric to the contrary, is important for a myriad of reasons.) With 9 games left and a Padres win over the seemingly impenetrable Giants, the Dodgers, as a collective, are going to have to really step up to make this happen. Simultaneously, I am also hoping (maybe against the odds) that the Giants’ “good outcomes” are coming to an end.

  4. “it ain’t over till the fat lady sings”…..the offense has to wake up and games cannot be dependent on a lucky home run. This was Muncy’s 3rd hit in the entire month of September! Sure…it could’t have come at a better time. JT has to pick it up as well as the rest. They have to step up a notch to prove that they are actually better than the Giants, who have had luck on their side the entire season. It’s now time for a change. This is the weekend that they will move into 1st and hopefully stay there. LET’S GO DODGERS!!!!

    1. Bayside, concur about the offense, which is my main concern. Dodgers cannot have games in these last 9 where bats don’t show up. And wish Bellinger well but for the rest of this year, DRRRR cannot put a .159 hitter in the starting lineup ,defense or no defense.

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