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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Provides an Injury Update on Mookie Betts

Superstar Mookie Betts was scratched from the Dodgers Sunday matinee against the San Francisco Giants due to shoulder soreness. Betts did however start in Tuesday’s 9-2 win over the Asterisks. His manager addressed the state of Mookie’s shoulder during the pregame press conference.

“From I hear from the training staff. The shoulder is in a good place.”

Roberts was asked if there’s a specific play or moment that caused Betts’s shoulder to flare up. Doc chalked it up to general wear and tear and not an isolated incident.

“I think a lot of times with position players, when you’re talking about the lead shoulder, it’s the swinging. Could be a dive with the glove. Could be a dive sliding, could just be a bit of wear and tear and we just have to manage it.”

After Tuesday night’s win, Doc felt Mookie took good at-bats while finishing the night going 0-3 with a pair of walks.

Betts has yet to catch fire this year and has dealt with a few nagging injuries. In April, Mookie missed time with lower back stiffness and was also hit by a pitch on his forearm. Although he didn’t miss time due to the HBP, it certainly didn’t help matters.

Betts by the Numbers

The 2018 AL MVP is a consummate professional. He’s not going to blame a subpar year so far, by his standards at least, on injuries. On the season, Betts is slashing .253/.367/.443. For most players, that’s nothing to scoff at. But it’s a few shades below Betts’s career line of .301/.373/.522.

Even without Betts’s at his best, the Dodgers offense has been rolling lately. From May 8th to May 24th, the Dodgers are sixth in runs scored (84) and fourth in OBP (.356) as a team.

Final Thoughts

Make no mistake, the Dodgers will need Betts firing on all cylinders to successfully defend their title this season. There’s little doubt that Betts will continue to get treatment and manage the injury like a pro’s pro.

Until Betts gets back to his MVP form, the likes of Muncy, Taylor, Lux, and Turner will continue to shoulder the offensive load in the meantime.

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  1. Anyone really think Betts is going to hold physically for all 12 years of his contract?

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