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Dodgers: David Price Talks About How Trevor Bauer is Fitting in Thus Far

There weren’t many questions surrounding Trevor Bauer when the Dodgers went out and signed him. After all, it is difficult to question signing the reigning National League Cy Young award winner. 

If anything, the biggest question surrounding his singing is how he would fit in with this team. The Dodgers clubhouse chemistry has been very good over the last couple of years and has only improved with the Mookie Betts and David Price trade. 

Every review that we’ve heard from teammates of Trevor Bauer seems to be positive. Most stress that he is a true student of the game and that his work ethic on the field is unmatched. That has certainly been the case with Dodgers players asked about Bauer. 

David Price was asked last week about how he is fitting in with the team so far in Spring Training. For Price, he has no complaints about the Dodgers big free-agent splash. 

He’s been one of the guys. He’s been fine. Talks to everybody, he has a good personality. I see nothing wrong with Trev as a teammate or anything else. He’s come in, he’s been extremely personable with everybody and he does his little things I guess differently…I don’t see anything wrong with it and I don’t view him any differently than any of my other teammates. 

To say that he has his quirks on the field would be an understatement. But for the veteran southpaw, Trevor Bauer has just been another one of the guys. And that’s a good thing to hear from one of the veteran leaders of the Dodgers clubhouse. 

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Bauer has obviously had his issues off the field in the past with exchanges online. But Dodgers players genuinely seem to agree that he has been a great addition to the team so far. 

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  1. With all due respect, many Dodger fans had questions about why they signed him and why they overpaid. It is fair to question when he has had many sub par years and can be polarizing in the media.
    Don’t get me wrong, I dont know him and I will support him, but in this article you seem to be discounting a large part of the fan base to be able to sugarcoat this player.
    Let’s keep to the facts and hope he has a great season!

  2. Anyone that joins the Dodgers willingly knows they are becoming part of one of the most well respected organizations in sports and have to know what is expected of them. This is a team of Kershaw, Turner, Betts, Seager and by association of Scully, Robinson, Hodges, Hershiser, Valenzuela et al. Good men, good talents. Anyone is fortunate to be part of that and will conform to the standards.

    1. My advice to Trevor Bauer is to ignore everyone’s advice.
      Conform to nothing but being a leader and a winner. I love Bauer’s audacity to actually say what’s on his mind. In a world where freedom speech is fast becoming a thing of the past, Bauer is refreshing.

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