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Dodgers: Doc Speaks on the ‘Contagious’ Impact of Trea Turner

The Dodgers biggest trade deadline in recent memory has so far paid off well for the organization. Max Scherzer has been a huge acquisition for the team, especially with the continued struggles of the injury bug going around. However, Trea Turner’s arrival has been the biggest shot in the arm for an inconsistent offense and a team trying to catch up to the San Francisco Giants. 

Turner is more than just a speedy infielder who awes us with his smooth slides. In fact, his presence is more than just what’s on the surface. Dave Roberts spoke about just how great it’s been to have him join the organization.

“The biggest impact that he’s made on our ball club is the willingness to play second base. He’s a premiere player, premiere shortstop. For him to check his ego and move to the other side and know that it’s not gonna perfect because he hasn’t played second base – and when it hasn’t been perfect at times to not make an excuse and to not run from it. For me that’s been the biggest impact for our club and the clubhouse.”

With the return of Corey Seager and two premiere shortstops on the team, one of them had to take on a role change. While the transition to the right side of the bag hasn’t been the smoothest for Turner, he’s an athlete with plenty of versatility. However, his bat has also been the spark plug Los Angeles has been missing with the regression of Mookie Betts.

“Now you look at the performance, he’s a super star player who doesn’t give at bats away and his only goal is to help us win a ball game. That is contagious.”

Since his insertion into the lineup, the Dodgers are 8-2 in their last 10 games. He’s been on base in 7 of those games and scored in 6 of them while also driving in 3 of his own. There’s no doubting the Dodgers have a better offense with Trea Turner at the top. His ability to get on base and create havoc on the basepaths has helped jumpstart a team that has been boom or bust this season.

On top of improving LA’s chances this year, he also provides them with an insurance policy if Corey Seager departs via free agency. If not, then his impact will be felt over a full season as a Seager’s double play partner.

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  1. I just hope DR doesn’t jerk Trea Turner around. Let him stay at 2b and the top of the batting order and get comfortable there. We need to extend his contract ASAP. Even when Mookie comes back, Turner is a natural at the top of the order, with all that speed. Mookie could be out for the rest of the season. That’s a present issue. Seager could be gone after this season. That’s a future issue. Turner was a huge aquisition for the present as well as the future.

    1. Absolutely. Trea Turner has brought more than just his skill to the Dodgers. If he is allowed to settle in, and that is a big “if”, he is going to exceed all expectation. Every game he comes ready to play hard. I believe that Mookie (like Kershaw) is out for the rest of the season and regardless we have enough talent to get us through. Despite the fact that we have only two starting pitchers (right now) and have had a significant number of players on the IL throughout the season, we have managed to stay near the top of the MLB. Although 4 games behind the Giants is challenging, it is not insurmountable.

      As for Corey….I genuinely hope that Corey stays with us; but, if he does not, the Dodgers will be just fine.

      1. Yeah, I’d like Seager to stay as well. But Boras will find a sucker (NYY) to pay him more than the Dodgers are willing. Trae is going to command a huge contract as well, but he’s not injury prone.

        If there was a way to keep both, Seager to 3B, T Turner to SS, Lux back to 2B (maybe), and J Turner to DH….

  2. Why does only one player check their ego for the good of the team? Why doesn’t the best person play shortstop and the other one play second base

  3. What I love so far about T. Turner is that even though he hasn’t hit for power yet as a Dodger and even though he’s had some issues with the bat, albiet, minor, plus the adjustment issues at 2nd base, he still has had major impact that has translated to win after win.
    Turner also admitted that his bout with Covid left him a little weak and that is was going to take a little time for him to be at full strength.
    Bottom line is: Even when not at his absolute best, he’s a game changer. Once he gets more acclimated to being a Dodger, becomes more comfortable at 2nd and gets his power stroke back–he’ll have even a greater impact on the club–if that’s possible.

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