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Dodgers Find Themselves In Unfamiliar Territory In Latest Power Rankings

Entering the 2022 season the Dodgers were the consensus number one team in the power rankings with the addition of Freddie Freeman and keeping Trea Turner on the team for one more season. Now, the Dodgers have plummeted in the rankings with the huge roster turnover but still remain a respectable team.

Thanks to the losses, the Dodgers come in at number nine on ESPN’s most recent power rankings list. With the lack of big moves and glaring needs around the roster, the drop comes as no surprise.

It may be more surprising to still land in the top 10, but clearly the talent still left on the roster highlighted by Freeman, Mookie Betts, Julio Urias and Clayton Kershaw along with their supporting cast still warrants a top 10 spot. Here’s what ESPN’s Bradford Doolittle had to say about LA heading into the new year.

Steamer (’s projections system) isn’t particularly excited about the additions of J.D. Martinez and Noah Syndergaard, which plays into a rather surprising ranking for the Dodgers. Why surprising? At this point, I almost take it for granted that the Dodgers will end up ranked first in almost any kind of projection-based ranking that I do.

The rankings also come at the heels of the potential low-risk high-rewards the Dodgers have been accustomed to doing so far.

What the forecasts can’t capture is the Dodgers’ uncanny ability to get acquired players to produce at a level a tier or two above what the numbers suggest. You know, players like Martinez and Syndergaard. And, for that matter, how will Cubs fans feel if, all of a sudden, the Dodgers turn Jason Heyward into a feared masher? Still, this doesn’t feel like it’s been a good offseason for L.A. The offseason, though, is only half over.

It’s not a great position to be in but the regular season is still a long way away. What matters most is the production in the postseason so any numbers until then remain something to merely keep an eye on.

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  1. Coming off a 111 win season, the only loss of any real substance is Trea Turner, and these kids ready for their chance have excellent upside. They’ll be fine, and have both the financial resources and prospect resources to patch anything that comes up.

  2. The problem that occurs with our team is. We get all these high priced ball players but, it never produces a WS ring in the end. Well, except for the 2020 title that’s about it. Shake things up a bit go another route for a change. You can’t buy all the players. Sometimes you have to settle for what’s available on the market. All these different cupcake a$$ websites saying they don’t like what we doing. The ?uestion is are these websites spendng some of their own money helping acquiring these players for us…HELL 2 the no they ain’t. So damn them. I think we are gonna do fine. Let’s go Dodgers!!!

    1. The Dodgers needed to shakeup their robotic lineup. Trea Turner gave the Dodgers no more than they previously got from Corey Seagers. And there is nothing wrong with playing talented rookies. There is more than one success formula for winning games.

  3. I am not overly optimistic about us even making it to the world series. Losing Trea Turner hurts. A 300 hitter giving us 100 RBI’s and being in the top 5 in stolen bases. And no more Tyler Anderson. We also lost part of our outstanding bullpen pieces. Meanwhile SD got Bogarts and they get Tatis back sometime in April. We may be starting 1 or 2 rookies. I think these power rankings are accurate. We shall see.

  4. Just thinking about the “dodgers uncanny ability to get players to produce 1 tier above”. In the last 5 ir 6 years that list would include????? Ugh how about ??? Oh yeah Anderson. And of of course ???? Oh gosh can you help me here. So far my list is “uncanny” . Try hockey ryan.

  5. Losing trae turner does not hurt the dodgers at all he’s overrated and not worth it im glad we didn’t sign him

  6. The Dodgers will be fine. They didn’t spend a lot of money for their 2020 WS win. There bhave an excellent farm system and players ready to go to the next level. Mark Prior will straighten out Syndergard and other new pitchers. And of course they have Mookie, Freeman, Smith and the rest.

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