Dodgers Insider Suggests Pitcher Marcus Stroman to Fill Out Starting Rotation

With Max Scherzer and Clayton Kershaw becoming free agents this week and the expected exodus of Trevor Bauer, the Dodgers will have some holes to fill in the starting rotation next season. At the moment, only Walker Buehler and Julio Urias remain for LA, both with the expectation of filling 30+ starts in 2022. With that, we’re in that fun preamble to the offseason’s open market.

Of the dozens of premium arm expected to hit free agency this winter, the Dodgers will have an opportunity to stick with the known or look to seriously shake up the roster. With that, LA Times beat writer Jorge Casillo had some thoughts on how Andrew Friedman could fill out the depleted starting rotation.

Enter Marcus Stroman. The right-hander made 33 starts for the New York Mets in 2021, going 10-13 with a 3.02 ERA over 179 innings pitched. Here’s what Castillo had to say about the 30-year-old pitcher.

What Stroman lacks in durability — he averaged 5-1/3 innings in 33 starts for the New York Mets this year — he makes up for in performance. … [His] four-pitch mix consists of a 92-mph fastball, 85.5-mph slider, 90.4-mph cut fastball and 86-mph changeup.

Someone who could fill quality innings at the top of the rotation is exactly what LA should be looking for. While Stroman lacks the gravitas of a Kershaw or Scherzer, he makes up for it with durability and athleticism. He’s made 30+ starts in four of his last five full seasons. The big question for LA is, what could Stroman be seeking in free agency? Rumors have him asking for $25M annually, which may cause the Dodgers to consider upping the ante to reach Max Scherzer’s reported asking price.

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Notably, Andrew Friedman has said that he expects LA to pull from its bounty of young, talented arms from the minor leagues next season and beyond. With Dustin May expected to return around mid-season, and another campaign set to only help Tony Gonsolin, seemingly the club can go cheap in the rotation. But another season of the rotation faltering or being understaffed late and into the postseason would be a tough pill to swallow for fans. Particularly as the Giants and Padres look to strengthen their clubs as well this offseason.

As has been said numerous times here on this site, this coming offseason is sure to be one of the most transformative winters in recent memory.

Dodgers Rumors: Insider Links Marcus Stroman to LA, Should LA Consider Signing Stroman?

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  1. I’m confused.Paragraph two says he “lacks” in durability and paragraph three says he “makes up with durability.” At any rate, I like Stroman – but – if durability is the question, what is the point in bringing in another potentially brittle starting pitcher. Didn’t we kind of see how that didn’t play out so well this year? And you are correct. If Stroman is going for $25M then we really should concentrate on bringing back Scherzer. Stroman is really not top of the rotation anymore.

    • Concur here. IDK but I would not be surprised that in part due to many players becoming free agents at the same time this off season that Dodgers just may not be able to survive that and a lean year may be what takes place. With the way this roster is currently with so much uncertainty, Dodgers could very well miss the PS in 2022.

        • Can’t figure out the Dodgers whiffed on him twice. All he did was make an All-star team in 2017 and beat the Cheaters in their little band-box when NOBODY ELSE COULD…for thanks he gets shipped off in salary dump to the Reds with the cancer Puig and Dodger fav but aging Matt Kemp. With the Reds he gets banged up and disappointed the franchise and Dodgers get a 2nd chance. Mis-treat him again and all he does is pitch lights out from the pen in the postseason in 2020.

          If I were him I wouldn’t come back to the Dodgers in a million years!

  2. 5 1/3 innings per start sounds like a bullpen drainer to me. Plus, all those innings over the past 5 years would raise concerns about his arm going forward. I’d pass on this guy. He kind of sounds like a proven version of Gonsolin.

        • Maybe as good and certainly far less costly but he still has much to prove. I’d like to see him get the opportunity. Ryan Pepiot is also ready and the team is real big on him.

          • We need to see a little more out of Mitch, don’t we? He had the one amazing game, but otherwise wasn’t very reliable, don’t you think? Stroman is way more proven. It depends on the price. Anything reasonable- 15 to 20 million per- and he’s worth getting.

          • Bernard, you are correct. Stroman is clearly more accomplished than White. My comparison is a bit stretched there for sure. But considering the value difference, I would be willing to roll the dice with White. It certainly appears the 2022 budget to be much lower than 2021. I’m anticipating a lower Luxury tax, currently 210m to more like 180m.

          • Benard and DF4 … I have a feeling – no facts – just a hunch that while the CBA and the Bauer thing drags out Friedman’s going to stand pat. I’ll bet he moves quick on CT3 but lets the market developed for everyone else with a fallback position of bringing a lot of these young pitchers to spring training (if there is one.) If it blows up, he’ll address it at the deadline. I think he went all in last year and wants to reestablish payroll flexibility before spending any more.

          • Bum4, makes complete sense to me. Too much uncertainty to go out on a limb. That what I found so surprising about locking up Mookie in the middle of a Pandemic! Kinda risky if you ask me. What would have happened if they had wiped out the entire 2020 season?

  3. Yeah, which is it? Lacks durability or has excellent durability? Also, averaging 5 and 1/3 is great by today’s standards. We’ll take it. I don’t know about 25 million though. Maybe more in the 15 to 20 range. Also, don’t the Mets need arms more than anything? Or have they spent too much already and can’t afford to re-sign him?

  4. This team needs 6 certified starters and at the moment they have Buehler, May when he comes back from TJ surgery, an aged and injury-prone Kershaw, a want to be over-paid Sherzer who likely won’t be back due to salary, a useless Price if kept, a 50/50 Gonsolin who is at-best a 4 inning guy. I don’t believe enough fans realize the predicament the pitching is actually in. Add in the positional players needed to be retained or not, the Dodgers may find themselves needing to go with more of their grown talent than that of FA.

  5. The only thing to combat the starter situation is get some players that can hit the ball. Focus on players that hit 300and drive in 100. Chris Bryant to start, then make a trade for Realmuto throwing in Barnes, a draft pick cash and a reliever such as Gonsales and 3 problems are solved providing Will Smith can play maybe 1st? and Drrrrrrrr could actually give him a full offseason to get ready for it . Suggest finding a suitor salary swap etc for Price and send him off to Baltimore ( Maybe he can get his WS ring back that he hocked) Just a few ideas that would address glaring problems in that line up. Keep Bauer, have him go to a Manfred Socialist training program and say he was sorry for being kinky, let Kersh go and resign Kenley to a short contract now that Kelly won’t be around.

    • Kirk, I’m shocked I agree with so much of your comment. I would love to have Realmuto, but I doubt the Phillies part with him. Would love for someone to take Price off our hands. Good luck with that. Wouldn’t you think Opie (er Smith) would be a nice fit at 3B? Muncy already at 1B. Opie has 486 minor league innings at 3B. What you think? We won’t discuss our disagreement. I have no desire to lob insults back and forth. I enjoy reading your perspective.

      • D4, I have no choice reading your comments ( All 775,000,000) of them. Once in a while I agree with you and like everyone here you make some valid points. If you don’t want to sling insults then quit starting them ( Like You do). But if you want to it’s a really boring time sitting around here speculating on the what if’s , and I’m ALWAYS 100% game. Hugs and kisses

      • Realmuto is staying in Philadelphia. They have very little protection now for Harper and do you think for one minute they are going to trade a key piece of that team and let alone one that Harper was his biggest supporter to have him resigned. Just what exactly does Baltimore have that we would want right now. I agree getting rid of Price would be nice, but somewhere other than Baltimore. On Bryant, DF4 and others can attest that I have made several comments regarding bringing him to LA. I think he will look just great in Dodger Blue.

    • Forget Seeger. Give that money to Freddie Freeman. Freeman at first for 150 games, Turner at short for 150 games, Muncy split at second and third for 150 games. When Muncy’s at second, Ginger Jesus plays third. When Muncy’s at Third, Lux plays second. Ginger Jesus DH’s when he’s not at third.

    • kirk douglas mikey’s dad – there is NO way the Dodgers keep Bauer. 100% guaranteed. They just a soon eat another $38M next year if he’s still on paid leave. He’s done – toast – gone!

  6. Am i the only one who thinks paying a bunch to any starter is just poor economics? Given the direction the game seems to heading, away from starters and towards more and more bp games…even in the WS!

    • No you are not. Maybe it’s time to bring up some of our more promising arms up and let us see what they can do. Someone alluded to this in an earlier post, but I don’t see Freidman going overboard with anything until this CBA is settled. Bringing up arms is certainly not going to kill our budget and we may well find a diamond or two in the rough.

    • It depends because it’s about the number of quality innings. The Dodgers pitched a bunch of BP games but they also juggled guys on the 40 man and active roster to do so. Pitchers such as Buehler and Urias who surpass 200 innings are still very valuable. It was the reason Friedman signed Bauer. Fool though he may be, Bauer always posts with good – not great – results.

  7. I certainly do not disagree with that. Just my opinion, but I would think that if this was a severe issue they (Dodgers) would have forced the issue on surgery or some type of corrective action, Not speaking from any type of a medical background, because I have none, but maybe because he is now throwing so many sliders and increasing his curve ball numbers that he just put too much strain on his forearm area. Of course throwing a curve puts strain on the elbow, but I don’t recall hearing any suggestion of TJ surgery. Just hope that this offseason the Dodgers and his people are putting together a program of limited activity with some strength training/conditioning. WSS