Dodgers News: Blake Treinen to Be Shut Down for a Few Days

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if a bit of news is new bad news or just an extension of the previous bad news, but with Blake Treinen’s 2022 season so far, it’s mostly on and the same.

We heard from Dave Roberts on Wednesday that the previous plan to activate Treinen on Thursday had been scrapped; on Thursday, Roberts told the media Treinen has been temporarily shut down.

The hope has always been to get Treinen back in time to be healthy and effective for the postseason, but with about two weeks left in the regular season, time is running out for the big righty to show he’s ready for October. The Dodgers are surely hoping to get him back for a few regular-season games before just throwing him out there in the playoffs.

If there’s one silver lining to all this, it might make manager Dave Roberts’ conversations easier with some of his relievers who don’t make the NLDS roster at the start. “Look, [insert name here], you’ve been great for us this year, but there just isn’t enough room to take everyone who deserves a spot. But there’s a decent chance Blake won’t make it through the NLDS healthy, so we need you to stay ready in Arizona for us.”

Of course, as I write that sentence and look at the Dodgers’ roster, it’s hard to know whose name to put in that hypothetical quote. The fact is, Treinen might need to be the one staying ready in Arizona in case someone else gets hurt, because there are at least 13 guys more deserving of a roster spot than him at this point.

It might all be academic, though. When a guy describes it as “miraculous” that he made it back from the injured list, then goes down a couple days later with a very similiar injury, it makes you think it was less “miracle” and more “smoke and mirrors.”

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  1. It’s the extension of the previous bad news that – like it or not – Craig Kimbrel is going to pitch significant innings in the post season.

    • Kimbrel has not been consistent enough to be the closer. Dodgers, if we win semi, will likely face degrom and scherzer in a short rotation which will lead to low scoring games. Dodgers need someone to close who will not give up runs in 8th or 9th inning.

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