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Dodgers News: Dave Roberts Defends Decision to Remove Stars from Game on Friday

Both Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman have been the lifeblood of the Dodgers this season. The two All-Stars have carried a major load for the team, and it has really seen LA take another step as the year has gone on.

They are both in the running for the NL MVP award this season, showing just how special they have been. But as the year winds down, LA has some decisions to make regarding any potential rest for them. 

In Friday’s game against the Atlanta Braves, the Dodgers found themselves in a 6-0 hole. Manager Dave Roberts made the decision to pull both Betts and Freeman, prompting some confusion. He also took out infielder Max Muncy as well. 

He doubled down on his choice and explained himself a bit after the game. 

“Just understanding the flow of the game, the way it was going, appreciating that Mookie and Freddie play every day and we still have a lot of baseball left and we want to keep those guys sharp”

Per Roberts

Anytime Roberts does anything, it seems that he comes under fire. It’s part of being a manager. But this time, I do understand where he was coming from. 

While the team has shown the ability to come back in games, he made a calculated decision to remove his guys from the game to give them some time off. He understands that one game in early September doesn’t mean much in the bigger picture, but fans do have a right to be confused. 

The game wasn’t going the way that they had hoped for, and he likely realized that it would be more beneficial to have them ready to go for the next few games in the series. 

“Just because we leave Freddie and Mookie in there doesn’t mean Freddie’s going to hit a three-run homer. It’s baseball. I still would have done the same thing, given where we were at, down 6-0 and really showing no life at that point.” 

Per Roberts

The Dodgers ended up losing the game by a score of 6-3, dropping their second straight to Atlanta. But they have another opportunity to right the wrongs of the last few days on both Saturday and Sunday. 

LA is going to need all hands on deck to take down the Braves and make a statement. So far in the series, Atlanta has done whatever they have wanted, so it’s time for the Dodgers to fight back.

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

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Matt Levine

Matt earned a Master of Science degree in Sport Management from Louisiana State University in 2021. He was born and raised in the Los Angeles area, growing up a huge fan of the Dodgers and Lakers. Matt Kemp was his favorite Dodgers player growing up.


  1. Roberts is a loser.. has been will be.. nothing more needs to be said.. it is obvious team can beat up in nothing teams but when they play a class team.. can’t do A damm thing.. he proved that the last few years.. cause he kiss up to management they keep him….

    1. I can’t argue with you. Very strange & questionable decision. Sends a message to the Braves that you’re giving up on the game! Plenty of time to rest them this month! I wonder how Betts & Freeman really felt about it? Who joins me in thinking, here we go again, another good season that will get mismanaged in the playoffs.

  2. bad move. behind only 6-0 and giving up? 3 of their top 4 home run hitters pulled so early. tying run came to the plate. braves got an emotional boost from that white flag.

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