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Dodgers News: Freddie Freeman Update, Potential Rule Change, Joc Pederson & More

Last week had noteworthy news despite little progress in baseball’s CBA negotiations.

Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner sparked a conversation about the Dodgers and the Rams combining their championship parades.

MLB News: Rockies Sign Former Dodgers First Round Draft Pick

Which led to former Dodgers outfielder Joc Pederson to unintentionally putting his foot in his mouth.

Dodgers: Former LA Outfielder Accidentally Slams Fans

The Braves Tyler Matzek, Pederson’s former teammate used the parade conversation to take a shot at the Dodgers.

Dodgers: Braves Reliever Takes a Shot at LA World Series Legitimacy

But that wasn’t the only Pederson news.

MLB News: Rockies Sign Former Dodgers First Round Draft Pick

On a lighter note, Mookie Betts let Dodgers fans know who the funniest guy in the LA dugout is.

Dodgers: Mookie Betts Reveals Which LA Player is the Funniest

Fans were also treated to a tour of Clayton Kershaw’s autographed sports collectables.

Dodgers: A Look Inside Clayton Kershaw’s Sports Memorabilia Case

On the CBA negotiation front, one rule change was discussed that could heavily impact the Dodgers in 2022.

Dodgers: Proposed Rule Change Would Significantly Change LA’s Roster

With a new CBA no where close to being done, MLB officially postponed spring training.

MLB News: Spring Training Games Officially Postponed

Which the players’ association had some thoughts about.

MLB Update: Players Union Claps Back at League

MLB News: Lockout Draining Dollars from Spring Training Cities

Meanwhile, Chipper Jones did nothing to dissuade the idea that Freddie Freeman could sign with LA once the lockout is over.

Dodgers: Freddie Freeman “Frustrated” with ATL Front Office Says Hall-of-Famer

A fellow NL West team also signed a former Dodgers first round pick.

MLB News: Rockies Sign Former Dodgers First Round Draft Pick

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