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Dodgers News: Justin Turner Feels LA Will Think About Loss to Padres ‘For A Long Time’

Los Angeles third baseman Justin Turner was on AM570’s Roggin & Rodney show last week, and the big news from the conversation was that JT doesn’t know any more than we do what his future looks like with the Dodgers, who hold a team option on his contract for the 2023 season. But another intriguing part of the conversation had to do with L.A.’s stunning departure from the 2022 postseason after an NLDS loss to the Padres.

“This is one we’re going to think about for a long time. Obviously, you have the season that we had with 111 wins and the team that we had, you don’t anticipate that first-round exit. But it’s easy to sit and say, ‘That’s baseball. That’s the way it goes. The game is not played on paper.’ But that doesn’t make it feel any better.”

Yeah, it doesn’t make it feel any better for us fans, either. You have to imagine the Dodgers players are itching for the new season to start, because the only way to really get over how 2022 ended is to make sure 2023 ends much, much better.

There are a lot of question marks for Los Angeles heading into the postseason. Clayton Kershaw and Tyler Anderson are both free agents, as is star shortstop Trea Turner. In addition to JT’s option, the Dodgers also hold options on Hanser Alberto, Danny Duffy, and Jimmy Nelson, and there are non-tender decisions to make about Cody Bellinger and maybe one or two other players.

The one thing everyone can agree on is that the 2022 season ended abruptly and unsatisfactorily. Hopefully JT will be around to make up for it in 2023.

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  1. There’s that blasé attitude again, “it is what it is” mentality. A real leader of the team will make sure a defeat will never happen on my watch. A change of culture of just being business-like to a more aggressive “pedal to the metal” attack to finish the job. No more of the “kicking back” and the “whatever will be, will be” attitude with a new leader in the clubhouse. The LOS ANGELES DODGERS cannot be a boring complacent organization to accept this embarrassment.

  2. Anyone with a clear eye of honesty knew that Melvin would school Roberts in the playoff’s. Melvin always got more out of his players, was a ex catcher and knows how to call a game. Roberts last year destroyed the pitching staff, played 150 hitters over better options ” Beaty”, and gave away several regular season games allowing the Vagiants to win the division. He then burned up Scherzer, ticked him off so he left. Fast forward one year later, same moves misunderstanding how to use a pitching staff, pulls Anderson, won’t settle on a closer on and on. It will always be the same movie, the same result with Roberts. The league knows it, the players know it. Everyone except Kasten and co. Dodgers get what they deserve for being ignorant of these facts…

  3. yukon cornelius put up a nice -.28 wpa for the series. nice job, combover! wash your jersey!

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